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first_imgTHE MACY’S PARADE MEETS OCEAN CITY: Volunteers needed for Ocean City’s helium balloon team. Have fun guiding a giant Martin Z. Mollusk above the 107th annual Baby Parade route 3 to 7 p.m. on Aug. 11. For more information, email [email protected]last_img


The Revivalists Announce New Studio Album, ‘Take Good Care’, Due Out In November

first_imgAfter much speculation, The Revivalists have finally announced their brand-new and long-awaited studio album, which is titled Take Good Care and due out on November 9th via Loma Vista Recordings. During the group’s sold-out show at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre last night, the New Orleans-based band first broke the news to fans, who have been eagerly awaiting a follow-up to 2015’s Men Amongst Mountains.As noted in a press release,Marked by songwriting that is both intensely personal and also an escape, Take Good Care is brimming with sonic complexity, celebration, and catharsis. Sometimes raising more questions than answers, it is a reflection of the up-and-down journey of life that we’re all on together. For the first time, The Revivalists recorded and co-wrote with multiple producers and writers, enlisting the talents of Dave Cobb [Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton], Andrew Dawson [Kanye West, Fun., Sleigh Bells], and Dave Bassett [Elle King, Vance Joy] for sessions in New Orleans as well as Nashville, where they recorded at the iconic RCA Studio B, soaking up the aura of one of the most storied studios in music.The Revivalists’ upcoming 14-track LP is currently available for pre-order, in addition to instant downloads of hit single “All My Friends” and fan-favorite live staple “You And I” off the forthcoming Take Good Care. Furthermore, the band is currently on the road to hype their new studio effort, with a mix of upcoming headlining dates and fall festivals on their calendar, which is listed below. For more information about Take Good Care or for ticketing, head to the band’s website here.Take Good Care Tracklist:1. Otherside2. All My Friends3. Change4. Got Love5. Next To You6. You Said It All7. Oh No8. You and I9. Hate To Love You10. Future11. When I’m With You12. Celebration13. Some People Say14. Shoot You DownView All TracksThe Revivalists Upcoming 2018 Tour Dates:September 15                   Atlanta, GA @ Music Midtown 2018 at Piedmont ParkSeptember 22                   East Aurora, NY @ Borderland Music FestivalSeptember 27                   Louisville, KY @ Iroquois AmphitheatreSeptember 28                   Indianapolis, IN @ Garfield ParkSeptember 29                   Kansas City, MO @ KC Power & LightOctober 2                           Pittsburg, PA @ Stage AEOctober 3                           Columbus, OH @ Express LiveOctober 5                           Black Mountain, NC @ Marcus Kind Band Family Reunion @ PigsahOctober 6                           Bloomingburg, NY @ Catskills Wine & Food FestivalOctober 20                        Dallas, TX @ Toyota Stadium National Soccer Hall of FameOctober 26                        New Orleans, LA @ Voodoo Music & Arts ExperienceOctober 28                        Live Oak, FL @ Suwanee HulaweenView All Tour Dateslast_img read more


Robot Designers Strive to Match Animals

first_imgRobots built on these principles could be used to venture into dangerous places, rove the planet Mars, perform aerial reconnaissance and many other things.  The resulting control technologies might also find their way into improved prosthetic devices and materials.    By funding efforts to imitate the feats of animals to the tune of millions of dollars, and by setting up research departments based on “bioinspiration,” scientists and engineers are tacitly admitting that the design specs in the living world are of such high quality they deserve to be imitated.In all the biomimetics stories we have reported over the years, the researchers generally express awe and amazement at what animals and plants can do.  They don’t say, “what a sloppy design; we human designers can do much better.”  Instead, the attitude is usually a humble spirit of wonder at how easy “nature” conquers difficult tasks.  References to evolution in such articles are typically very short and stupid, like “clever solutions that emerged in the course of evolution” (12/16/2009).    There’s nothing like imitation to teach a person the difficulty in a task.  A music critic can disdain a performance until he or she tries to compose or perform a piece.  A baseball fan can lambaste a pitcher from the stands till he tries to pitch a 90mph fastball against a skilled batter.  It’s easier to complain about the food than to cook it.  Biomimetics has opened up a whole new crowd of potential intelligent design advocates, by having them go to the lab and try to duplicate the feats nature performs so effortlessly.  This might be good therapy for atheists.  Have them go into the lab and try to build a living cell from scratch with their own dirt.(Visited 31 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Engineers feel great satisfaction when their robots can match just some of the feats of animals.  What does that say about the design of the animals?It’s a bird, it’s a plane:  The first “hummingbird robot” was unveiled by Japanese researcher Hiroshi Liu (Chiba University) in a press release published by PhysOrg.  The hand-sized device flaps its wings 30 times per second and can turn up, down, right or left, and fly a figure eight.  Its researchers, who spent the equivalent of $2.1 million dollars developing it, hope to use it to locate victims in trapped buildings or find criminals.  It’s clear they found nature inspiring: “First, we need to learn about effective mechanism from natural life forms, but we want to develop something to go beyond nature eventually,” Liu said.  See also our report about efforts to mimic hummingbird flight at the University of Buffalo (12/16/2009, bullet 2).    The real bird still has some superior capabilities.  It can hover in place and see.  The robot designers hope to mimic hovering ability and add a camera in the next 15 months.  If they can get it to lay eggs and hatch baby robots, they’ll really be onto something.It’s a roach, it’s a rescuer:  Disgust is the reaction of most people to cockroaches.  Robot designers, though, stand in awe of them.  According to Science Daily, researchers at Oregon State are taking “bioinspiration” from the despised bugs in an effort to mimic their abilities.  “Cockroaches are incredible,” said John Schmitt, a professor of mechanical engineering at OSU.  “They can run fast, turn on a dime, move easily over rough terrain, and react to perturbations faster than a nerve impulse can travel.”    This raises a question of how their movements are controlled.  According to Schmitt, “cockroaches don’t even have to think about running – they just do it, with muscle action that is instinctive and doesn’t require reflex control.”  Something, though, must be coordinating the motions of its six legs.  Whatever happens, the robot designers would like to imitate that trick.  The technology might find application in “military operations, law enforcement or space exploration” (but hopefully not in restaurant kitchens).     Schmitt had more to say about the wonder of cockroach scurrying.  “A cockroach doesn’t think much about running, it just runs.  And it only slows down about 20 percent when going over blocks that are three times higher than its hips.  That’s just remarkable, and an indication that their stability has to do with how they are built, rather than how they react.”Guinea henny penny.  The previous article on Science Daily jumped from cockroaches to chickens.  The article had this to say about guinea hens:The OSU researchers are trying to identify some of the basic biological and mechanical principles that allow certain animals to run so well and effortlessly.  A guinea hen, for instance, can change the length and angle of its spring-like legs to almost automatically adjust to an unexpected change in a ground surface as much as 40 percent of its hip height.  That would be like a human running at full speed, stepping into a 16-inch-deep hole and never missing a beat.last_img read more


Projects and events

first_imgBrand South Africa supports a number of initiatives to create a positive image of the country and the continent. We build relationships, showcase South Africa’s innovation, highlight its investment potential and engage with citizens on significant topics. Brand South Africa at the World Economic Forum 2016Brand South Africa joined the 46th World Economic Forum in the Swiss town of Davos from 20 to 23 January 2016 to share the message that South Africa is a globally competitive nation, an integral part of a rising Africa, and open for business. MORE > Investing in African Mining Indaba 2016The annual Investing in African Mining Indaba makes a compelling business case for why global investors should consider South Africa – and the continent as a whole – an important trade and investment destination. MORE > State of the Nation Address 2016With the theme “Together We Move South Africa Forward”, President Jacob Zuma’s 2015 State of the Nation Address, delivered to Parliament on 12 February, was a celebration of the progress South Africa has made over the past year, and a blueprint of priorities for the next. MORE > The Sowetan DialoguesBrand South Africa, in partnership with the Sowetan newspaper, has hosted a series of conversations around the country – the Sowetan Dialogues. These discussions explore ways of building the nation and promoting civic pride; they are based on the outcomes identified in the National Development Plan. MORE > African agenda: WEF Africa and the African UnionIn 2015 South Africa hosted two of the most important global gatherings to discuss and find a way to the future prosperity for the African continent: the World Economic Forum on Africa, in Cape Town from 3 to 5 June, and the African Union Summit, in Johannesburg and Pretoria from 7 to 15 June. MORE >last_img read more


The story of Mandela’s warders

first_img3 June 2011During over 27 years of incarceration in apartheid prisons, Nelson Mandela formed relationships not only with his fellow prisoners, but also with those who kept him behind bars: his warders.Three warders in particular claimed special relationships with Mandela and remained in contact with him following his release from prison – James Gregory, Christo Brand and Jack Swart.Who are these three men, and what exactly was the nature of the connections they established with Mr Mandela?Written by Mike Nicol for the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, Nelson Mandela’s Warders tells the stories of these three men and offers a preliminary analysis of their relationships with Mandela.All three men “were close to Mandela in the sense that at various times they were given special duties in relation to him, they read his correspondence, sat in on his family visits, sometimes spoke to him during the day,” journalist and writer Nicol says in the introduction to his book.“Today, when referring to Mandela, both Brand and Swart call Mandela by his surname without the honorific, and sometimes by his first name,” Nicol writes. “Neither uses Madiba, the clan name by which Mandela prefers to be addressed.“There is no telling what James Gregory would have called Mandela today because Gregory died of cancer in 2003. In his 1995 autobiography, Goodbye Bafana, Gregory calls him Nelson. As in: ‘Good morning, Nelson, sleep well?’ Or ‘Well, Nelson, this is it, man. This is what you have waited for’ – which was part of a reported conversation between the two men as Mandela prepared to leave Victor Verster prison.“This informality, this apparent friendliness, enhances the intimacy of the warder/prisoner relationship Gregory is at pains to create in his book.” Of the three warders, Gregory had the longest assocation with Mandela, spanning the period 1968 to 1990.In the last few years, Nicol notes, Christo Brand “has moved into the position of ‘the guard who really was Mandela’s friend’ – to the annoyance of Gregory’s widow, Gloria, who “believes that Brand is trying to usurp the glory that was Gregory’s”.Brand was the last and youngest of the three warders to be closely involved with Mandela.But while both Gregory with his book and Brand in his interviews “have foregrounded their proximity to Mandela the prisoner”, Jack Swart – the first of the three to come into contact with Mandela, in 1966 – has made no such claim to Mandela.According to Nicol, Swart has spoken about his time with Mandela only infrequently and reluctantly – has recently vowed never to do so again – and tells a different, in fact contradictory, story from the one told by Gregory.“Establishing the precise nature of the relationships these three warders had with Mandela is challenging,” Nicol writes. “Their claims address the central challenge of historiography: the authority of the storyteller.“Mandela has commented cursorily on his relationships with them in his own autobiography, in his book Nelson Mandela: Conversations with Myself, and in Anthony Sampson’s Mandela – The Authorised Biography, but these comments are, understandably, in passing.“Consequently, although Gregory’s narrative stands in conflict with those of Brand and Swart, and although former prisoner Ahmed Kathrada has condemned Gregory’s account, it is Gregory’s word which dominates the internet. A simple Google search foregrounds his relationship with Mandela as a matter of record, and yet it is seriously flawed.”There is a link to the full publication Nelson Mandela’s Warders at www.nelsonmandela.org/memory/resources/wardersSAinfo reporterWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more


Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — January 26, 2018

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest 180126_RyanMartinTGIF. Warmer air builds over Ohio today and tomorrow. We will see very mild air in play and most of the state will be above normal for the period. This does come with a bit of a disclaimer, though: we also have to deal with some strong southwest winds, averaging at least 12-25 mph, and likely higher. These winds will be what brings the warmer air in.Rains start tomorrow afternoon and goes through midnight. By 2-3 am Sunday morning, we will be done with all action. The rain has a very light start in. We are trimming our rainfall forecasts a bit to now a few hundredths to half an inch maximum. Coverage will be about 80%. The map shows rain totals through Sunday morning.Drier, cooler air is in for Sunday as high pressure moves in. However, this is not a bitter cold arctic air mass, just a typical cool push behind a weak system. There may be enough cold air to trigger some minor lake effect snows over northern and northeastern Ohio on Monday. Snow and flurry action can break out anywhere off the south shore of Lake Erie on Monday, and we can even see some lake effect clouds and flurries make it all the way in from off of Lake Michigan in far NW Ohio. But, generally, the best areas for action on Monday will again be in northeast Ohio, in our typical lake effect areas. WE can see minor accumulations, and in NE OH, perhaps several inches. Cold air will be in play for both Sunday and Monday, with temps slightly below normal.Tuesday of next week we see winds switching back to the southwest, signaling yet another moderating push of temperatures to above normal levels. The winds will be rather strong on Wednesday, the 31st. This hints at another strong front wanting to arrive shortly thereafter. We have rains starting to move into NW Ohio around midday on Thursday, and then precipitation slowly works across the state. Action starts as rain, but we still expect cold air to catch the moisture, and switch rain over to snow. Liquid equivalent precipitation could range anywhere from .25”-.75” as things stand right now, and we are have a concern that we see some heavy snow in Ohio after sunset through midnight. Some models are projecting 4-6 inches – but it is way to early to look seriously at snow totals. As always, it comes down to timing of cold air, track of the front, and location-location-location. We will have a significant update on this system Monday morning.The week finishes with a dry Friday midday and afternoon, but temps are cold, with most of the state below freezing. High pressure sets up over western Ohio for next Friday afternoon. We keep cold air into Saturday, but south winds return on Sunday. This time, though, we do not expect a significant warm up, as a cold front organizes quickly to the northwest, and brings colder flow in by Sunday afternoon. This leads to some moisture over central and southern parts of the state for Monday the 5th, although we can’t quite call it a clipper system anymore. Canadian high pressure dominates most of the rest of the 11-16 day period, with another system coming out of the central plains into our area late the 8th through the 9th. That system can bring potential for big snows again.last_img read more


The Fascination with Watson by the Press, Congress and People on the Virtual Grid

first_imgTags:#Analysis#cloud A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… alex williams Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostingcenter_img IBM Watson has hit a chord. You can see it in how the press behaves at an event such as IBM Pulse, which ends today. In the press event yesterday, several in the international press asked about Watson, its uses and why it’s not a search engine. Steve Mills runs IBM’s massive software group. He fielded questions and reiterated what he had said in the keynote earlier that day at the IBM Pulse event. He said the world is getting more complex and computers don’t get tired. They don’t complain. You can yell at them and they won’t yell back – or quit for that matter.That says what Watson represents. That’s part of what makes it appealing. But it’s more than that. It also points to what we see in it about ourselves.In an interview yesterday, I asked Mills why Watson commands such popularity. He cited Jeopardy’s popularity as a game that has been around for decades. It has an entertainment factor. People know Watson is a human achievement. They saw the computer compete and it won. The computer seemed to understand things. It was fed data. It captured people’s imagination about what computers will do in the future. And then he said this:“Our great grandparents worked by hand. They then moved into plants. They built using machines. Today, the computer can be an assistant with enormous amounts of knowledge that no one can have in their heads. The computer comes up with the answer.”It’s true. The computer won but people also see Watson as an extension of their own intelligence – that is showing itself in revealing ways. Yesterday, a group of congressmen took on Watson. That shows the level of interest Watson has attained in our society. Watson has gone to Washington. It’s becoming a metaphor for the future. On a more collaborative level, the World Community Grid project has increased 700% since Watson won the Jeopardy competition.That’s a big jump for the project which provides its public computing grid for scientific research. People donate their unused computer capacity to the World Community Grid, which makes those resources available for public and not-for-profit organizations to use for projects that benefit humanity.It’s an initiative of the IBM International Foundation. It serves as a virtual super computer that has been used for scientific purposes such as for HIV/AIDS and cancer research as well as water purification.According to HPC Wire, “it pools the unused power of 1.7 million personal computers from 535,000 volunteers in more than 80 countries. It then makes this computational power available for scientists who might not otherwise be able to afford the high speed computing they require for timely research.”People are fascinated by Watson. I find it comparable to interest in the cloud. Watson represents this potential for endless knowledge. There is a similar wonder about the endless space that can be explored through cloud computing. Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more


Give Your People Your Full, Undivided Attention – Episode 150

first_imgIf you want to change your realtionship with your people, then the advice on this short video will give you a simple, one-step recipe for doing so.last_img


Making the Wright plays

first_imgBrace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH “It’s the only thing I wanted, man. I just wanted to win today,” he said after the Fuel Masters’ 74-72 win. “It was a big game, really important for both teams We were down all game but they let the door open. We’re just lucky to capitalize on some mistakes.”The Fil-Canadian dead shot, who had 16 points, five rebounds and three steals, said he already knew the kind of defense TNT was going to throw at him in Phoenix’s last offensive possession and he read it perfectly resulting to Kramer’s short baseline hook that won the game.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSLillard, Anthony lead Blazers over ThunderSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutout“I knew that they’re gonna double. I know Coach Josh (Reyes), I know the scheme that they’re trying to do, they’re not gonna let me get off a good shot. I knew right when I touched the ball, when I came off that screen that I was gonna be met with either Kelly (Williams) or Mo (Tautuaa),” he recalled.“So it was just a matter of Doug positioning himself in the right spot, and a matter of me just making a good pass. It just happened very instinctively.” Matthew Wright. PBA IMAGESMatthew Wright turned 26 today and it was only fitting that the birthday celebrant was the one who put the icing on the cake Wednesday night.Wright accounted for Phoenix’s last five points inside the final minute, burying the game-tying triple and assisting on Doug Kramer’s game-winner with 3.0 seconds remaining.ADVERTISEMENT LA Revilla hurts hand in Phoenix win NEXT BLOCK ASIA 2.0 introduces GURUS AWARDS to recognize and reward industry influencers Slow and steady hope for near-extinct Bangladesh tortoises Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Phoenix won despite playing catchup majority of the game and trailing by as much as 13.“We’re a veteran team. We have some young guys, like myself, Jason (Perkins). But we got some very savvy vets who know how to win: RJ (Jazul), JC (Intal), Willie (Wilson), Doug, Jeff (Chan). They know how to win games, they know how to close out games. So I feel like we have a good batch of guys to go far this year.”Wright likes his team’s chances heading into its last three games in the elimination round.“This is the PBA, man. Anything can happen, so we’re not taking any of those teams lightly. We are confident in our abilities, and we’re expecting to go 4-and-0 in our last four games. We took care of today, so we just gotta take care of the next three.”ADVERTISEMENT View commentscenter_img Globe Business launches leading cloud-enabled and hardware-agnostic conferencing platform in PH LATEST STORIES Read Next Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City John Lloyd Cruz a dashing guest at Vhong Navarro’s wedding AFP official booed out of forum MOST READ 2 ‘newbie’ drug pushers fall in Lucena stinglast_img read more


QuickSketch of Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard

first_imgMONTREAL – A quick sketch of Quebec Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard, who is vying for a second mandate as premier when Quebecers go to the polls Oct. 1.Age: 61Born: June 26, 1957, in Montreal.Job before politics: Neurosurgeon.Education: Earned a doctorate in medicine in 1979 and neurosurgery degree in 1985 from Universite de Montreal, a specialist certificate from College des medecins du Quebec and a specialist certificate from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in 1985.Professional career: Strategic adviser in health and in life sciences with Secor-KPMG; senior follow in health law at McGill University; head of the department of neurosurgery at St-Luc Hospital from 1989 to 1992, and again at the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke from 1996 to 2003.Political career: Embarked on a career in provincial politics in 2003; served as health minister between 2003 and 2008; elected Liberal leader in March 2013; won byelection in December 2013; became premier in April 2014.Current riding: Roberval, about 250 kilometres north of Quebec City.Quote: “We need to bring a team that is going to be both experienced and made of new people. We’ve always renewed ourselves at strategic moments. This is one of those moments.” — Couillard as he recently announced the controversial candidacy of former NHL player Enrico Ciccone to replace longtime Liberal backbencher Francois Ouimet.last_img read more

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