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HMS Center for Primary Care hires six faculty, announces two new programs

first_img Read Full Story The Center for Primary Care, which was created in 2010 by Harvard Medical School to address the current crisis in primary care with innovative solutions, announced today two new programs, The Abundance Agents of Change program and the Crimson Care Collaborative. As it continues its dramatic growth, the center also announced the appointment of six new faculty members.“We are growing in leaps and bounds, underscoring the urgency of the center’s work and the need for innovation and change in primary care,” said Russell Phillips, director of the Center for Primary Care. “The ongoing crisis in primary care demands imaginative solutions. As we work to develop and implement these solutions, we will continue to add to our growing list of programs and staff.”Through the Agents of Change Program, HMS student leaders will develop a student-led incubator for innovative ideas and products for improving access to health care and health outcomes, particularly for socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals. The program was made possible by a donation from The Abundance Foundation.The grants will invest in the ideas generated through partnerships between Harvard Medical School students, community health centers, physicians-in-training from Harvard-affiliated hospitals, and students at other Harvard University graduate schools.The center also announced a new partnership with the Crimson Care Collaborative (CCC), a network of HMS student-designed and student and faculty collaborative practices which give students clinical experience during the first two years of medical school and opportunities to learn about systems based care.last_img read more


Adopt-A-Pet Dog of the Week

first_imgFacebook0Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Adopt-A-Pet of SheltonAzi is a one year old, male Egyptian Pharaoh Hound/Australian Cattle Dog mix. He knows his basic commands such as sit and lay down.  The volunteers have been teaching him to walk nicely on a leash and he loves to go out on the roads and trails to hike or jog.  Since he is a young and very energetic boy, he will do best in a home with adults and older children.Azi gets along great with some dogs, but can be picky about who he wants to play with in the exercise yards.  He is untested with cats.  This high energy youngster will need a patient owner willing to continue his training, as well as keep him busy and active.  Besides being regally handsome, he is extremely smart so agility or nose work would be fun and challenging for him.We have many great dogs and always need volunteers.  To see all our current dogs, visit www.adoptapet-wa.org , our Facebook at “Adopt-A-Pet of Shelton Washington” or at the shelter on Jensen Road in Shelton. Contact us at [email protected] or (360) 432-3091.last_img read more


Local Environmentalists Concerned About Trump Presidency

first_imgBy Joseph SapiaThe election of Donald J. Trump as president has some area environmentalists concerned, especially regarding climate change and drilling for gas and oil in the Atlantic Ocean.“We think the Trump administration will be very bad for the environment,” said Colette Buchanan, a Monmouth Beach resident who is president of the Monmouth County Audubon Society, a bird-watching and conservation group.“President Trump will be an unnatural disaster unleashed on the environment,” said Andrew L. Chambarry, an Asbury Park lawyer who is a founder of Citizens in Opposition to Beach Restrictive Access (COBRA) and serves on the legal issues team of the Surfrider Foundation.In January, the presidency passes from President Barack Obama, not viewed as an overt protector of the environment, to Trump, not viewed as an environmentalist at all.“Trump and his team will dismantle regulations, which would have helped guard against climate change,” Chambarry said. “His policies will benefit big business and corporate greed. The effects will be widespread and could lead to hasten an environmental crisis that many say is imminent.”Backing off on the prevention of climate change will create a domino effect, with other countries emboldened to do the same, said Bill Williams, co-chair of the Surfrider Foundation’s Jersey Shore Chapter.“Sea levels will rise and there is not enough money or sand to dredge and fill our way out of this problem in New Jersey,” Williams said. “With the policies Mr. Trump has proposed, we need to get serious about other strategies like retreat along our coast.”Debbie Mans, executive director of the Keyport-based NY/NJ Baykeeper, a group concerned with the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary, said “New Jersey is surrounded by water and we have already experienced the impacts of increased storm events and localized flooding.“His promises to roll back regulations addressing the emissions contributing to climate change and lack of commitments to adapt to sea-level rise place New Jersey coastal communities and industries at risk, from Newark to Cape May (and up) to Trenton,” said Mans.“Trump denies that human-cause climate change is real and has no intention of addressing it,” Buchanan said.“President-Elect Trump’s platform, repeated campaign pledges, First 100 Days agenda, and denial of climate change could cause profound harm to the ocean environment including making deep cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Education, re-opening of oil and gas exploration and extraction in the Atlantic, increasing fossil fuel production, and rolling back clean water and emissions rules,” said Cindy Zipf, executive director of the Sandy Hook-based Clean Ocean Action environmental group. “These do not bode well for marine life and our clean ocean economy.“However, it is important to note, the actual Trump administration’s ocean policy is uncertain and time will tell,” Zipf said. “What is certain is that Clean Ocean Action will continue to be vigilant, vocal and vigorous in protecting and sustaining the ocean, and New Jersey and New York’s $50 billion tourism and fishing economies that depend upon it.”Buchanan and Mans worry the federal Environmental Protection Agency would be weakened or eliminated under Trump.For the Mid-Atlantic region, Obama issued a five-year moratorium on offshore gas and oil drilling. This “proactively prevented oil spills for the next five years that could greatly affect our recreation, fishing and tourism industries,” Williams said.But Williams fears Trump will lift the moratorium as soon as he can.“Drilling in the Atlantic will pose serious threats to many marine species, while reducing areas for fishing and boating,” Chambarry said. “Environmental disaster could reach the beaches of New Jersey at any time. We will have to prepare for such a sad state of affairs under President Trump.”“I am not sure President Trump has the attention span and insight to focus on long-term, gradual progress and am worried he simply will react and focus on short-term goals that result in a reduction in man-nature sustainability,” said Rik van Hemmen, who lives in Fair Haven and is active with Navesink River boating and environmental issues.Van Hemmen said he was not pressuring Trump to make the environmental progress Obama has made.“But I would be very disappointed in any steps that would be backwards,” van Hemmen said. “Such behavior is unnecessarily costly and counters the conservative political outlook, which, as far as I can see, should conform to first, do no harm to the country at large.”Buchanan expressed concerns for wildlife under Trump.“As an organization that is focused on bird conservation, Monmouth County Audubon is concerned that the Endangered Species Act will be weakened or eliminated,” Buchanan said. “Additionally, many North American bird species are already threatened by ongoing climate change.”But Van Hemmen did not expect to see blatant change under Trump.“On the local level, I think we will not see much change,” van Hemmen said. “I hope that our community commitment to sustainable man-nature interaction will simply continue.”Van Hemmen had a greater concern on a wider level, however.“On the national level, I am worried and can only hope for the best,” van Hemmen said. “We often lose sight of what works and what does not work. We often think that any type of regulation is bad, but more often forget these regulations have actually improved our environment and made it fairer to all, rather than a few exploiters.”Van Hemmen noted local environmentalists should not lose focus on their own causes.“No matter what the political situation is, we can always act locally – discover, engage and sustain,” van Hemmen said.last_img read more


Berbice teen killed in NYC smash-up

first_imgJust seven months after migrating to the United States, a Guyanese teenager was on Sunday morning killed following a multi-vehicle smash-up in Queens, New York.Dead is 17-year-old Akeem Grant, also known as “DJ Akeem”, formerly of Lot 46 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam.Based on reports from ABC7 New York, the accident took place around 06:30h in the vicinity of the eastbound Grand Central Parkway, Jamaica Estates.Following the collision, one person was pronounced dead at the scene while eight others were taken to Jamaica Hospital and North Shore Medical Center. Two of the injured passengers were reported to be in critical but stable condition, while the others were said to have sustained minor injuries.Among those injured was the cousin of the now deceased teenager, Gladwin Grant.last_img


This Place Really Has Atmosphere

first_imgOf all the bodies in the solar system, only eight have a substantial atmosphere.  If you add in those with tenuous atmospheres, you can add in Triton and Mercury, and maybe a few others, till it becomes pedantic to call it an atmosphere if there are only a few short-lived molecules hovering over a moon.  Atmospheres are interesting because they circulate, creating winds and clouds and a host of interesting effects that some scientists spend their entire careers studying (to say nothing of weathermen).  They also can dissipate into space over time.  What does the ambience of gas around a sphere have to do with life, evolution, and dating methods?  Here are some recent reports.Mercury:  One doesn’t envision the planet Mercury with an atmosphere, but it has a very slight one.  Why it has any is a puzzle.  So close to the sun, any volatiles should have heated up and escaped from its weak gravity.  Science Daily reported, though, that the solar wind supplies a tenuous atmosphere that hangs around a little while.  Charged particles from the sun liberate molecules from the surface in a process called sputtering (a kind of erosion on an atomic scale).  But then, Mercury’s slight magnetic field should keep the solar wind at bay.  The report says that magnetic “tornados” allow solar wind to reach the surface at certain points and times.  The MESSENGER spacecraft found that these “flux transfer events” allow solar wind particles to replenish the thin atmosphere.  Space.com also discussed this story, saying, “For some reason, there are more tornadoes than scientists had anticipated.”    The sun may not be the only source of gas surrounding this small planet.  Nature this week (June 11) called attention to a recent discovery by MESSENGER of a bright patch on the surface:1 Baked by the Sun and blasted by impacts, Mercury is thought to have lost much of its volatile content – such as water vapour and carbon dioxide – early in its history.  But its interior may have been bubblier than thought, according to Laura Kerber of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and her colleagues.  Using observations from the MESSENGER spacecraft, the researchers spotted the remnants of a volcano that they say was driven by explosive magma with high volatile concentrations.If the volatiles on Mercury resemble those on Earth, as alleged, this complicates theories on the origin of the planets.  It means “Mercury formed from volatile-rich planetesimals from the outer Solar System that migrated inwards.”Earth:  The solar wind batters Earth’s atmosphere, too.  Fortunately, our strong magnetic field keeps most of our gas intact.  National Geographic News said, though, that the sun does steal some of our atmosphere.  The same magnetic energy that protects us also funnels some of the solar wind inside, where it gets heated and escapes.  In fact, we’re losing more oxygen and hydrogen than Venus and Mars.  Not to panic, though: estimates show it would last several more billion years.  The article noted that most of Mars’ original atmosphere was probably lost due to the lack of a global magnetic field.    A planet’s atmosphere is linked to its geology.  Astrobiologists considering conditions for life on other planets need to consider this.  Science Daily reported that without plate tectonics, an atmosphere cannot be sustained.  “If you have plate tectonics, then you can have long-term climate stability, which we think is a prerequisite for life,” said Rory Barnes (University of Washington).  But tectonics can be too severe as well (think Jupiter’s volcanic moon Io).  The close-in habitable zone around red dwarfs has a side effect of generating strong tides and more volcanic activity.  “The planet must be at a distance where tugging from the star’s gravitational field generates tectonics without setting off extreme volcanic activity that resurfaces the planet in too short a time for life to prosper,” the article said.  So now there is a “Tidal Habitable Zone” to worry about.  Barnes said, “Overall, the effect of this work is to reduce the number of habitable environments in the universe, or at least what we have thought of as habitable environments.”Mars:  A report on Science Daily claims that meteor bombardment might have helped Earth and Mars become more habitable.  How?  by modifying their atmospheres.  Researchers at Imperial College London calculated that impacts during the so-called Late Heavy Bombardment could have delivered 10 billion tonnes of water vapor and carbon dioxide to both Earth and Mars.  Why, then, are the planets so different today?  They claim Mars’ lack of global magnetic field exposed it to erosion by the solar wind.  Also, a decline in volcanic activity cooled the atmosphere so that the remaining water molecules froze out.    The article from Science Daily mentioned above also speculated about how Mars might become more friendly to life.  “If Mars were to move closer to the sun, the sun’s tidal tugs could possibly restart the tectonics, releasing gases from the core to provide more atmosphere.  If Mars harbors liquid water, at that point it could be habitable for life as we know it.”    Meanwhile, don’t worry that germs carried by our rovers might be seeding Mars with Earth life.  A story on Astrobiology Magazine says the ultraviolet radiation is intense enough to sterilize everything on the surface.  There’s no escape, even inside salt crystals.  And that’s not the only hazard to life.  Andrew Schuerger, a NASA scientist listed “at least 13 separate factors on Mars that can kill Earth microbes, not counting perchlorate salts uncovered by NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander in the polar region of Mars.”  Earth life would be in even more danger from ionizing radiation if it were not for our atmosphere – with its tenuous ozone layer absorbing most of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.Titan:  The atmosphere of Saturn’s giant moon Titan has been in the news a couple of times this month.  For one thing, summer is refusing to leave its south pole.  A press release from JPL’s Cassini Mission summarizes a paper in Nature about this.2  New Scientist said that Titan’s atmosphere is turning out to be “much more complicated than we ever imagined,” according to Henry Roe of Lowell Observatory.  That, he said, is the “real story” that “we’re only just beginning to acknowledge within the field” of atmospheric science.  Science Daily also reported on the latest findings about Titan’s sluggish seasons.  So did Space.com.That last article on Space.com tossed in the L-word where the others didn’t: “It [Titan] has a thick atmosphere and the right chemistry to support some forms of life,” the article said.  “It actually resembles a frozen version of Earth, several billion years before organisms here began pumping oxygen into our atmosphere.”1.  Research Highlights, “Planetary Science: Mercurial Mercury,” Nature 459, 755 (11 June 2009) | doi:10.1038/459755c.2.  Rodriguez et al, “Global circulation as the main source of cloud activity on Titan,” Nature 459, 678-682 (4 June 2009) | doi:10.1038/nature08014.The atmosphere in the Creation Restaurant is nicer.  There’s no hot air.  The well-mannered customers do not emit foul-smelling gas (04/08/2002).  They don’t moan over their gastric pains (05/02/2003 and 08/22/2005 commentary).  You won’t inhale any stale, foul-smelling smoke about life emerging from dust.  There are no rude customers puffing on Charlie brand cigars (02/05/2002) while making up stories about things they never saw.  It’s one big non-smoking section.  Ahhhhh.  Take a deep breath and savor the aroma of a healthy science atmosphere.(Visited 9 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more


Mandela Day blankets for minister’s ‘favourite people’

first_img18 July 2014 The faces of senior citizens at Imizamo Home for the Aged in Hout Bay, Cape Town lit up during a Mandela Day visit by Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown on Friday. “This area used to be my constituency, so it is not the first time that I am coming here,” Brown said after handing out blankets and food parcels to the elderly. “Senior citizens are the most important people in the society because without you, all of us would not be here. On this special day, that we celebrate Mandela Day, I would much rather spend it with my favourite people, and that is you senior citizens.” Accompanied by acting Eskom CEO Collins Matjila, Brown then moved on to the main road of Imizamo Yethu, joining over 200 women and youngsters clad in blue Eskom overalls in cleaning up the streets of the dense township. The minister called on township residents to refrain from connecting electricity illegally, saying it was hazardous and endangered the lives of all residents in the area. She said the government would do all it could to find available land where decent human settlements could be built for the residents. The United Nations officially declared 18 July as Nelson Mandela International Day in November 2009, recognising Mandela’s “values and his dedication to the service of humanity” and acknowledging his contribution “to the struggle for democracy internationally and the promotion of a culture of peace throughout the world”. Celebrated across the globe in honour of the late statesman’s birthday on 18 July, the day gives everyone the opportunity to emulate Mandela’s role as public servant though volunteering and community service. Source: SAnews.gov.zalast_img read more


9 Great Geeky Tech Gifts For Kids

first_img4 Keys to a Kid-Safe App 2.  Larson Scanner Electronic Soldering KitAll children should be given the opportunity to build something that requires a cycling red eye.  With all parts included, save the soldering iron, even beginning geeks can use this kit to solder the eye with ease. $14.99 9. Chewbacca Pocket PlushHan Solo rarely traveled without Chewbacca – and neither should your kid. Bonus points awarded for Chewbacca’s lavender scent, because I can only guess that the full-sized version probably smelled much worse. $12For even more great ideas, see this list of holiday gift suggestions from Nerdy With Children. 5.  Portal Sentry TurretA favorite gift on this list, the polite and adorable Portal turret is a must buy. Say “I don’t hate you” in style this year. $39.996. Sensu Artist Brush StylusYoung artists now have a choice. They can create on canvas with paint, like an animal, or use the Sensu Brush Stylus like a gentleman.  Give your artsy kids the gift of painting sans turpentine and sans mess. $39.997. Moleskine Pen HolderKids who want to be pen-prepared can do it in crafty, hipster-style with this Journal Bandolier, Moleskine not included of course. $18.958. Pop Up Paper HouseA dollhouse can an awesome gift but – they’re expensive, cumbersome and once they’re done, they’re far less fun. This printable PDF version costs very little cash and still gives the gift of building something cool. $12 3.  Ultimate Geek PenYour kid is the ultimate geek, so give her the ultimate geek pen.  This James Bond-like pen offers up a ballpoint pen, a PDA stylus, a laser pointer, an LED light and an ultraviolet lamp. They had ReadWrite at ‘batteries included.’ $11.95 Tags:#geek#gifts#kids#portal#star wars#toys 9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex… 12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People…center_img 1.  Minecraft Foam SwordThis sword will help your kids avoid Creepers.  It should not be used for mining. $19.99 Related Posts 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnout robyn tippins Unless you’re more organized than most, you’re probably still looking for a few last minute gifts. ReadWrite is here to help you separate the wheat from the chaff.  Below you’ll find 9 great geeky gifts for the kids on your list. If we’ve missed some good ones, please let us know in the comments. 4.  Han Solo Ice Cube TrayHan Solo in carbanite was bad. Fake Han Solo in ice, chocolate or some other yummy solid food is awesome.  $11.74last_img read more


10 months ago​Arsenal quoted enormous asking price for Lille winger Pepe

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your say ​Arsenal quoted enormous asking price for Lille winger Pepeby Freddie Taylor10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveArsenal have been quoted a fee of roughly €80 million if they want to sign Nicolas Pepe.The Lille winger is a hot prospect from Ligue 1 who has been in impressive form this season.Gunners boss Unai Emery does want to sign a winger to add another dimension to his team.But Lille sporting director Luis Campos said to Telefoot: “I hope he will stay this winter. We’ll do everything to keep him.”All the top clubs in the world have their eyes on him, and that’s normal, but the president has been clear. The idea is for him to continue at the club.”In contrast, with my experience in football, I would say that if a club arrives with a big number and can convince the player… I would sell him for €80 million.”That’s the price tag, but you’d have to convince the player and he’s been a big part of us being in second place.” last_img read more


22 days agoCardoner admits Barcelona players pushed board to bring back Neymar

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Cardoner admits Barcelona players pushed board to bring back Neymarby Paul Vegas22 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveBarcelona vice-president Jordi Cardoner admits the players pushed the board to bring back Neymar last summer.It’s been confirmed Barca twice had offers for Neymar turned down by PSG.And Cardoner says it was the players who were eager to see the deal happen.He told Catalunya Ràdio: “Neymar, in addition to having a good relationship with the locker room, is a great player. “Hence our desire to have him in our ranks. The players have suggested him to us, but we are the ones who weigh the pros and cons.” last_img

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