Keble boys cause college ruckus

first_imgKeble College rugby team are facing disciplinary action after wreaking havoc at St Peter’s College during a crew date.The event was held between the Keble team and the St. Peter’s girls’ drinking society, Vagina Dentata.After spending the evening in St. Peter’s bar, members of the rugby team then went on to urinate in the college memorial garden and verbally abused members of the college, and members of the public. According to an email circulated around the JCR, the team are also accused of “treating college property with a lack of respect”, with particular relation to an incident where a disabled tutor’s bicycle was knocked over and college flower beds were unsettled.One St. Peter’s student commented that it was the incident involving the bike which “caused the most upset in the college.”She added, “Apart from that, it was just drunken behaviour.”Sanjay Nanwani, St. Peter’s JCR president, described the incident, saying, “A crew date of sorts went out of hand last Friday when a group of Keble students turned rowdy and began to engage in what they themselves have acknowledged to be offensive, disruptive and unacceptable behaviour.”However, many members of the college are still unsure as to exactly what damage was caused.Nanwani commented, “I haven’t heard any consistent version of events and nothing has been officially verified.”The Keble team have issued a formal apology including flowers to members of St. Peter’s college, including the JCR, the porters, members of the decanal team and the tutor who owned the bicycle.St Peter’s JCR passed a motion to accept the team’s apology and pursue them for the costs of any damage caused, with Nanwani saying, “It is my belief that the Keble students are truly remorseful and accept full collective responsibility for their actions.”The motion submitted to the JCR acknowledged, “On the phone, the organiser of their group emphasised that at the time they did not realise the implications of their actions, namely that it was the bike of a man otherwise immobile, and that the garden was a memorial.”He added, “Although I replied that it is still unacceptable to behave the way they did, ignorant or not to the extent of their affliction, this should be taken on board.”Zain Talyarkhan, Keble JCR president, commented, “I’ve spoken personally to all the individuals who were involved in the incidents at St. Peter’s. They are all extremely sorry for their behaviour and have made personal apologies to those affected by their unacceptable actions.”He added, “They are all facing serious disciplinary actions within the College and so I am satisfied with the result. The JCR condemns their actions and we hope nothing like this will occur in future.”Students at St. Peter’s college are also facing disciplinary action because they did not inform the college that the crew date was going to take place. One female student said, “There has been disciplinary action taken, but it’s not too serious.”last_img

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