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Fear Grips Embattled Bahn City Mayor, Over Alleged Threats to Job and Safety

first_imgBahn City Mayor Angie DopoeEmbattled Bahn City Mayor, Angie Dopoe, has expressed fear of not only losing her job as a result of an alleged order by Senator Prince Y. Johnson against her stay in office, but also possible threats that have already led to her temporary relocation to Monrovia.Bahn received city status by a Legislative enactment on September 27, 1986 and has since been managed by separate but essential administrative offices, including the office of city mayor.Seated and appearing beclouded with despair and a heartbroken sense of existence, Madam Dopoe told a team of journalists over the weekend in Paynesville that she fears for her safety, should she remain in Nimba amid the current political hurdle.“Senator Prince Johnson said no matter what, I will not hold onto the position of City Mayor of Bahn, even though I was allowed by President George Weah to continue service through a letter of appointment and a subsequent Senate confirmation hearing result that is expected,” she said.She added that Senator Johnson’s threats came as a result of his accusation of her “alleged refusal” to allow him use the City Hall in 2010 for an event he claimed he wanted to host there.“I was not informed in any form or manner about Senator Johnson’s plan to use the hall. In fact, no one could use the hall at the time he said he wanted to host his event in the city of Bahn because it was undergoing renovation,” Dopoe noted.Her letter of nomination from the office of the President, copy of which is in the possession of the Daily Observer, states in part, “Based upon your desire to play a more meaningful role in the promotion of peace, reconciliation and development of our country, I am pleased to nominate you as City Mayor, Bahn City, Nimba County, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Republic of Liberia.”The nomination letter continues, “As your nomination requires confirmation, I have notified the Liberian Senate of your nomination. Please deliver thirty (30) copies of your resume’ to the Secretary of the Senate.”According to Dopoe, “What is so annoying in this fight against me is that Representative Rogers S. Domah, a Legislator, came to perform the function of the office of the Executive by bringing me information that purportedly said, ‘By order of the President you are asked to step aside from the office of city mayor of Bahn-Beagenhnlay,’” Dopoe told journalists.Section 2 of the Act, which led to the creation of Bahn City states that, “The Chartered officers of the Municipal Government shall consist of a Mayor, and a common Council composed of nine members, one of whom shall be the Chairman.”In Section 5 of the Act, it is said that, “The Mayor and the Councilmen shall hold their offices for a period of six years and their election (although not happening in this 21st century) shall be held every six years on the First Tuesday in October.It further noted that, “In case of death, removal or resignation of a Councilman; and in case of death, removal or resignation of the Mayor, the Chairman of the Common Council shall take over as Acting Mayor until a new Mayor has been duly elected (now appointed).”Meanwhile, Dopoe, on August 9, wrote President Weah expressing her displeasure over the means through which Senator Johnson and Representative Domah want to get her out of office.“President Weah, I am forced to bring to your official attention that on July 24, 2018, Hon. Roger Domah, Representative of District #7, Nimba County, in open public and to my surprise forcibly took away my gavel of authority as City Mayor of Bahn and strangely turned same over to my Administrative Assistant, Mr. Africanus Kwahmie, to act as Acting Mayor beginning that date moving forward to run the affairs of the City,” the letter said.She said she was disappointed for seeing Domah and Johnson, both lawmakers, interfering with the work of the Executive Branch of Government. She noted further in her letter, “Admittedly, Your Excellency, I certainly felt humiliated and completely disgraced in the full glare of the public by the act of Representative Domah for whom I have always had huge respect and will continue to have huge respect for.”When reached via mobile phone, Nimba Electoral District #7 Representative, Roger Domah said he was shocked by Madam Dopoe’s exaggeration of the unfolding situation in Bahn.“I may not have all of the details surrounding Madam Dopoe and Senator Johnson’s interactions back then but I am of the belief that Johnson does not hate her. In fact, she is one of my extended sisters for whom most of us have respect. How then would I choose to hurt her,” Domah asked rhetorically.About what occurred at the town hall meeting on the proposed division of Nimba, he said upon his arrival, the Administrative Assistant (name not disclosed) of Bahn City handed him (Rep. Domah) the gavel of authority.“As a Presidential mandate, Madam Dopoe, among all of the non-tenured appointed government officials, was asked to turn over her gavel of authority to the human resource manager. But as it is with the office she has been serving, there is no HR personnel manager and as such she was mandated to turn over the gavel to the Administrative Assistant who is now the Acting City Mayor until her confirmation is granted a success story from the Senate,” he said, countering Dopoe’s allegation that he took the gavel from her.Domah, who won the 2017 Representative election for Nimba District #7 in 2017, noted further that after the town hall meeting, he returned the gavel to the Administrative Assistant and left. “I have even been accused by some friends of being in strong support of her return to the office of the City Mayor of Bahn,” he said, adding that there is no need for Dopoe to lose hope neither fear of residing in Nimba, because her appointment has not been withdrawn by  President Weah.He said one thing Dopoe and a host of other people contesting any of Senator Prince Johnson’s political decisions know is that he (PYJ), as the political leader of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) and the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which gives him (PYJ) the right to recommend 65 percent of all of the political nominations in Nimba.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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