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GRA unearths drivers’ licence scam

first_imgThe Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) revealed on Thursday that is has unearthed illegal operations relative to forged drivers’ licences, among other illegalities.The GRA says it has discovered that some unscrupulous members of its staff were working in collusion with outsiders and members of the public to issue forged drivers’ licences, certificates of compliance and registrations.While announcing that details surrounding this development will not yet be divulged, the GRA has announced that an investigation has been launched and is ongoing.The GRA has also revealed that those individuals who were part of the illegal operations have been sent on leave.In a statement it issued, the authority posited: “The GRA will continue to work to improve its systems to minimise illegal activity and ensure that integrity and transparency are the hallmarks of the agency. However, it needs the help of theThe Guyana Revenue Authoritygeneral public in ridding the agency of staff who are determined to discredit the Authority by engaging in unscrupulous activities with willing participants and confidence tricksters.”Just a few months ago, the Guyana Police Force had seen some major irregularities in one of its examinations prior to the issuance of drivers’ licences, in that 174 persons were registered to write the examination, 106 persons presented themselves to do so on the day in question, but 207 scripts were received at conclusion of the examination, and 155 of the 207 scripts were completed.According to the Police, preliminary inquiries had revealed a complete breach of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) governing the administration and conduct of the learner driver’s theoretical examination.The Police had also stated that initial inquires had revealed that a senior subordinate officer who was mandated to oversee this theoretical examination, in collaboration with two pastors from the Cops and Faith Community Network partnership with the Guyana Police Force (GPF) and three junior GPF ranks, had left the venue shortly after the examination had commenced, and did not return.Further, it was reported that a junior subordinate officer who ought not to have been at the examination venue had presented himself there, had spent some time, and subsequently left.The GPF has said that since members of the Cops and Faith Community Network became involved in the invigilation of the Learner Driver’s Theoretical and Practical examinations, there have been reports of a significant reduction in the opportunities for corruption, complaint and allegations; thus this voluntary involvement will continue.last_img

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