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Longstanding PNCR member resigns

first_img– cites Government’s failure to deliver promises, actions of corruption as reasonsPeople’s National Congress/Reform (PNCR) longstanding member and Councillor of Region Four, Dave Danny Junior, defected from that party on Wednesday, in light of the many downfalls of the Government— most specifically, its failure to deliver on their promises made in the manifesto.Former PNCR member and Region Four Councillor Dave Danny JrAccording to Danny, his exiting the PNCR, after spending many years serving in that party’s best interest, ended a legacy of three generations of commitment and dedication by his bloodline.“I had high hopes that the Government would deliver the promises made in its manifesto. Instead, youths were sidelined, persons that never fought on the battlefront parachuted their way into prominent positions. Ministers wantonly increased their salary without performance evaluation, just a mere excuse that what? They will not steal. They will not be corrupted. We have seen differently”.He stated that citizens are suffering and the situation of the nation continues to worsen on a daily basis but the APNU/AFC government continues to ignore this, with its inaction towards remedying situations.“It saddens me to say the PNC I knew is seemingly allowing wickedness to prevail, the root of their denial and arrogance stems from their disconnection from society. I know that there are many in the PNC, including card holders and supporters outside, who are also displeased with the party and by extension the performance in government. I have spoken to many supporters who complained that certain ministers do not have 10 minutes time to spend to listen to the various concerns, the recent scrambling by government is comical for supporters cannot be hoodwinked”.The former PNCR member and government Region Four Councillor further stated that the ‘good life’ that was promised for all should be implied for every citizen, and not just a selected few who continue to benefit.Instead, the business community, along with the rest of society, continues to suffer without being aided by the coalition administration, which seems to only be concerned about their needs and the needs of those close to them, he emphasised.“Sad to say, small businesses are struggling to survive, many businessmen would have had their overdraft closed and are basically trying to scramble to survive using their savings to get by. The business community is well discomforted by the many blackouts as well as citizens. My brothers and sisters, persons’ homes are being foreclosed, thousands lost their jobs, escalating crime situations is eating away like cancer and the Constitution is being violated while Guyana is suffering”.Dave Danny Jr also explained that the “groaning” of Guyanese are being ignored by the APNU/AFC government through inaction and unrealistic policies, lack of communication, inequitable distribution of resources, and absolute denial of the country’s dismal business environment and that he cannot continue to support a party which does this.“My grandfather was a proud member of the party who encouraged my grandmother to join the Young Socialists Movement in the 1970s. My father also served as a PNCR parliamentarian in the 8th and 9th sitting of the National Assembly and I was born into the (PNCR) Party…by the age of 14, I joined the Guyana Youth and Student Movement, officially starting my political career in the PNC, I took my role seriously, two years later, I was elected to serve as the national treasurer and spent 16 years serving as a national executive of the Guyana Youth and Student Movement”.As such, he believes that his exiting the PNCR is a step away from corruption and corrupt activities and has now joined the Opposition, the PPP/C, which can do much better for the populace.His resignation was announced in a video posted on the Facebook Page of the Peoples Progressive Party/ Civic.last_img

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