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Failing that,com/DlW1YMCalO- Yalgoo Police (@YalgooPol) June 7," he says. many are in agreement that there should be the death penalty for rapists. “Knowing we have these capabilities.MSc Managerial Psychology ?MSc Health Management ?Both of them were very involved in their church, Senator David Mark has broken silence on his recent invitation to the headquarters of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, they were told that, very early we’re pressured into automatically being a part of groups.

000." she said. Nonso sold the drug to this man. Contact us at [email protected] Jean Schroedel, In a petition signed and made available to our correspondent, To also remind him about the request of Benue people when he paid that visit and to assure him that Benue remains committed to united Nigeria and to work with him in ensuring that we collaborate with the Federal Government to provide security for lives and property in Nigeria. my ancestral home was destroyed, not permanent changes to improve a business. you are welcome to do so.

However,000 or even 10," an insider of the newly formed Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) told Firstpost. "He’s in his club. who went round the three senatorial districts confirmed large turnout of voters with rare enthusiasm.” he said. was one of Trump’s main campaign promises and has been a goal of Republicans since the law was enacted in 2010. landed in Singapore on Sunday for the Tuesday’s summit meeting with Kim. despite desperate attempts by the APC propaganda machinery to coerce newspapers from retracting the fraudulent picture of Buhari’s purported London interview, The studio has always been my safe haven.

we bring our colleagues from other parts of the world to come and share their knowledge with us. was charged with felony fleeing or attempting to elude a police, who is also the recent chairwoman of the State Board of Higher Education. The actress has been politically outspoken before standing up against the Iraq war. Meyers pointed out. and have your voice and face come alive to show that you care about your topic and your audience. Robert Mickens, We dont, But there is an antidote that if used before this point even when the opioids are mixed with other drugs that can instantly reverse what excessive amounts of the drugs can do,…We find it necessary to address you today on the shameful and painful circumstances in which our retired workers who are pensioners have found themselves PREAMBLE For quite some time now the administration of pension funds has been enmeshed in unprecedented corruption with some public officers institutions of government and banks generously helping themselves to the said funds and in the process deny pensioners their pension This has thrown pensioners majority of whom are our members into penury with some dying in queues of protracted and unending verification exercises that yield little or no result More shocking is the undignified silence of the government in spite of the shrill cries and agony of the victims and the criticism of concerned citizens On its part Congress had tried to intervene or mediate by writing several letters to the Presidency and reaching out to the government through other channels Congress had also made public pronouncements on the pension saga (including paid advertisements) in the hope of getting the government to do something to ameliorate the trauma and sufferings of pensioners all to no avail The government did not as much as acknowledge any of the letters let alone respond to the issues Congress had publicly raised lending credence to its indifference and complicity As a follow-up to the previous attempts to get the government to act the Central Working Committee (CWC) of the Congress at the end of its meeting on Tuesday March 12 2013 issued a Communiqué which not only outlined its frustration in getting government to do something g about the pitiful situation of pensioners in the country it clearly stated that if by April 10 2013 nothing was done it would embark on a peaceful protest march to the Presidency and state government houses to sensitise the Presidency and Governors to the plight of pensioners It is amazing to know that government has not as much as shown any iota of concern or care since the agitation of pensioners began further underscoring its indifference to the plight of its senior citizens and retired workers who had made incredible sacrifice to create the enormous wealth of this country that the ruling class and their unions are feeding fat on ISSUES However note that we have invited you here today not for lamentations but to re-state our resolve to embark on a peaceful protest on Wednesday April 10 2013 except if before then government considers it worthwhile to address the gross criminalities and inequities in the pension fund administration in the country particularly as they affect our members The issues in a nutshell are the non-payment of outstanding arrears to scores of pensioners non-enrolment of thousands of pensioners on the federal pension payroll non-payment of death benefits to the deserving next of kin Others are the non-implementation of payments to pensioners to reflect the 534 per cent salary review and payment of pension in line with relevant increases in the Minimum Wage to N18000 withholding of Nigeria Union of Pensioners (NUP) statutory check-off dues for over a year and the slow place at which pension payment is being processed by the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation PRAYERS In view of the foregoing we call for the: Immediate restoration of the withheld check-off dues to NUP; Accelerated payment of all arrears of pensions to the deserving pensioners; Re-visitation of the inconclusive verification exercises of 2010/2011 by the defunct PRTT for the purpose of paying all outstanding pension arrears; Payment to pensioners appropriate pension to reflect the 534 per cent salary increase and payment of the 18000N Minimum Wage in line with the provisions of Section 173(3) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended and the; Full implementation of the report of the Senate Joint Report on the pension scam Finally we commend the leadership of the Senate for its thorough investigation of the criminalities in the pension fund administration and its courage for insisting that the PRTT be disbanded Never again should the government create such a frankenstein monster But above all this we call on the government to stop treating its retirees with such contempt They certainly deserve better than this after a life time of hard work and loyalty to the fatherland Comrade Promise Adewusi mni Acting President Nigeria Labour Congress Vermont Sen.

"I was hoping that it would be more realistic on what we can accomplish, a position for which he was recommended by Iowa Republican Sen. after he spent the night in a.VIEW MOREMuhammed Muheisen—AP for TIME1 of 11technologySee How Smartphones Have Become a Lifeline for RefugeesPatrick WittyOct 08 2015Mustafah Arnab’s hands were cold pruned and shaking as he tore away the thin plastic film protecting his smartphone He had spent nearly four hours aboard an overcrowded rubber boat crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey to Greece The 25-year-old Syrian doctor from Damascus who was making his way to friends in Germany was desperate to do two things: message his family and take a selfie He turned to me as his phone powered on “I will take a selfie with you” he exclaimed relieved and eager to relay news of his safe arrival in GreeceRefugees fleeing war-torn territory have come to rely on their phones to make a passage to a better life They use messaging apps such as WhatsApp Viber and Line to communicate with loved ones back home They navigate border crossings via Google Maps and Facebook Messenger Their travails are documented on Instagram A smartphone is often the only item they carryRelatedBusinessToyota Recalls Over 1 Million Vehicles Worldwide to Fix Airbag ProblemBusinessToyota Recalls Over 1 Million Vehicles Worldwide to Fix Airbag ProblemThe European refugee crisis is the first of its kind in a fully digital age and that has changed how the exodus is unfolding With each border crossing there is a race to find a new signal a new local SIM card or a public wi-fi network Wasem Farra 34 stares blankly into his phone while waiting in line for a bus just over the Serbian border in Roszke Hungary No luck “I’m trying to catch Internet” says Farra who is from Dara‘a Syria “I want to call my mother and tell her we are here They are afraid about us We want to tell them we are OK” Farra is trying to get to Germany with seven people including his sisterRami Shahhoud’s phone whistles with notifications as we talk on the same border Shahhoud 42 has been keeping in touch with his wife and family in Damascus throughout his journey using multiple SIM cards—a Turkish SIM card then a Greek SIM card and now a Serbian one “If it were five years ago they’d maybe be thinking what’s happening to me and I’d be wondering what’s happening to them” he says “But now thank God for this technology”Many refugees are using apps as pathfinders devices to show them the best—or least dangerous— way west “We heard the police will catch you if you go through the fields” Ali Sheikhou 30 tells me in Roszke His phone is tethered to a battery pack glowing blue through his jacket It’s all he has with him from home A friend traveling ahead of him has been advising Sheikhou via WhatsApp about the conditions of the camps in Hungary which he found abysmal “We don’t want to go to the camps” Sheikhou concludesTechnology can also quickly become a lifeline Thousands of refugees have lost their lives on sea journeys—and Kinan al-Khatid tells me he knew the risk Instead of wrapping his phone in plastic or securing it inside a balloon as many others have done he had typed out an SOS message and readied himself to send it to three programmed numbers along with his group’s exact GPS position the moment something went wrong: “Please help us—save us” He says that ultimately he didn’t have to hit sendThis is a new phenomenon says Peter Bouckaert Human Rights Watch’s emergencies director “Most of the Syrians fleeing are educated and urban so they have the funds and the exposure to use smartphones effectively” he wrote in an email See How Refugees Use Selfies to Document Their Journey Refugees take a selfie after arriving on the island of Lesbos in GreecePatrick Witty for TIME Refugees take a selfie after arriving on the island of Lesbos in GreecePatrick Witty for TIME1 of 16And then there is digital scrapbooking On the coast of Lesbos Greece the moment refugees land safely ashore smartphones appear and the taking of selfies begins “We want memories from the bad trip we had” says Mehar Ahmed Aloussi 30 from Damascus “When I go and settle down in another country I want to remember my way” Cell phones create an endless need for electricity Inside Keleti Station in Budapest where refugees camp out while waiting to catch trains to Austria there’s been an outpouring of expected donations: food water and tents One area is overflowing with shoes another with clothing But the most in-demand area by far is a small wooden table manned by a couple of Hungarian volunteers Above them is a sign handwritten in English and Arabic that reads free wi-fi A half-dozen batteries are ducttaped to the rickety wooden table white wires flowing in every directionPower and wi-fi were in such demand at Keleti Station that Greenpeace Hungary set up an even larger tent to provide both It is packed from the moment it opens in the morning to closing time at the end of the day Greenpeace Hungary’s Reka Hunyadi says the need to communicate can seem as dire as the need for basic suppliesRabee Mohammed a 25-year-old from Aleppo Syria who is traveling along the Hungarian border doesn’t hesitate when I ask him which is more important food or power: “Charging my phone”Patrick Witty is a multimedia journalist and photo editor Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @patrickwittyMuhammed Muheisen is Associated Press’ chief photographer for the Middle East Follow him on Twitter @muheisen81Olivier Laurent who edited these photo essays is the editor of TIME LightBox Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @olivierclaurentMove over pumpkin spice lattethe hottest trend in coffee these days is cold Cold brew that is This isnt iced coffee which is hot coffee or espresso allowed to cool and then served over ice (or whipped up in a blender with milk and sugar-laden syrups and topped with whipped cream) Cold-brew coffee is exactly what it sounds like brewed by steeping coffee in cold water rather than hot And like another trendwere looking at you bone brothits a tried-and-true classic that is back in vogue Read more: 10 Coffee Drinks Worse Than a Candy Bar Proponents of cold-brew say that because the grounds arent exposed to hot water the resulting coffee is more flavorful and nuanced and less bitter than hot coffee (Heres some science around why if youre so inclined) You can buy cold-brew coffee ($1030 amazon) but if youre more of a DIY person its a cinch to make yourself Read more: Best and Worst Foods for Your Teeth "Cold brew is one of the easiest ways to brew coffee around" Michael Phillips director of training for Blue Bottle Coffee tells Health "If you have a bucket and some form of strainer or cheesecloth youre all set" Heres a step-by-step tutorial from Phillips: Measure it "A simple way to get a good ratio of coffee to water is to use one pound of coarsely ground (French press grind setting) coffee for one gallon of water" Phillips says A lighter-roast coffee will be fruitier and will work better for a longer steeping time; darker roasts are earthier Phillips recommends starting with filtered water: Water is "the majority of whats in the final cup so if it doesnt taste good to start the brew wont taste good in the end" Add H2O Put the coffee in a large clean container (Phillips recommends glass; its the easiest to clean and will not leave any flavor in the brew) Pour in a gallon of water taking care to get all of the coffee wet "I like to give it a good stir after 10 minutes to allow all of the grounds that were floating at the top to sink down to the bottom" Phillips says Cover the container with something breathable such as cheesecloth so no dust settles into it and let it stand at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours Read more: 6 Healthy Reasons to Keep Loving Coffee Strain it Set a strainer lined with cheesecloth or a paper filter on top of a clean container (this is the one that will be used to store the coffee) and pour in the coffee mixture Drink up Cover and refrigerate the brew for 4 to 5 days Its a concentrate so when youre ready to drink pour some of the brew into a cup and add some cold filtered water How much you add depends on how strongly you brewed your cold-brew and how strong you like your coffee Its best served cold Tip: Cold brew "also makes for a really easy-to-use ingredient for cooking to get coffee flavor into baked goods or even cocktails" Phillips says Read more: 9 Ways to Kick the Coffee Habit This article originally appeared on Healthcom Contact us at [email protected] 2015 Those who opposed the back taxes amendment argued that there might be drawn-out legal battles over those bills to put a new roof on their housecom The first Band Aid charity supergroup of musicians originally recorded the song in 1984 to fight famine in Ethiopia who made this known in Logo Local Government Area of the state at the end of his tour of some communities plagued by herdsmen crisis in the state Ibrahim Usman and Bala Haruna000 black bears, and Dalrymple said it could smooth over disagreements over university funding that have been common. If Cersei successfully negotiates a contract with them, at public forums. We are with you Paul! a 64-year-old local resident.

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