NRC final draft: Assam’s neighbours on anti-migrant drive

first_imgThe police and non-governmental organisations in the northeastern States adjoining Assam have intensified the drive against “illegal immigrants” that began soon after the complete draft of the updated National Register of Citizens (NRC) was published on July 30.A statement from the office of the Director-General of Police, Arunachal Pradesh, on Friday said 2,098 inner-line permit (ILP) violators had been detected in the State during the past 10 days.The ILP is a temporary permit required by Indians to enter Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Nagaland, issued under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Act, 1873.Students assist police“The ILP-checking drive will continue and outsiders without ILP will face strict action as per the law,” the statement said.Volunteers of pressure groups such as the All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union helped the police find people without the permit in at least 20 districts, including Tawang, Siang, Lohit, Namsai and Tirap.In Nagaland, NGOs such as AO Students’ Conference have been more vigilant against “NRC-excluded people” from Assam than the security forces. Members of this organisation have been checking documents of people at entry gates on the boundary between Assam and Nagaland.Over the past 48 hours, the NGO caught 128 ILP defaulters and had them ejected from Nagaland through the police.Drive to continueThe organisation’s vice-president, Sunglem Walling, criticised Nagaland officials at the check gates for not being strict enough. “We will continue the drive against people of suspect nationality,” he said.Though the ILP is not applicable for Manipur, NGOs there have stepped up the demand for checking illegal migrants.In Jiribam area, members of several indigenous groups have been checking documents of non-tribal people who come from southern Assam’s Barak Valley for work or business.Meghalaya too has continued its drive against people travelling without valid documents that establish their citizenship. The police, though, said they have not identified any foreigners or illegal migrants yet.last_img read more

India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit 2014 Delhi: Highlights

first_imgHighlight176: Singer-songwriter-guitarist Rabbi Shergill is back on the stage for the closing concert.#Highlight175: The session with Honey Singh comes to an end.#Highlight174: Audience dance at their seats as Honey sings his popular Punjabi song Uchi Addi.#Highlight173: Honey Singh thanks King Khan for giving an opportunity to sing Lungi Dance in his film Chennai Express.#Highlight172: Honey sings his favourite song Lungi Dance once again.#Highlight171: Honey and his group members sing Aaj Dil Hai Pani-Pani.#Highlight170: Song Everything so Beautiful, composed by Yo Yo plays, while Honey himself gives voice in between.#Highlight169: Singer Alfaaz sings Hai Mera Dil with Yo Yo.#Highlight168: Honey sings Lungi Dance.#Highlight167: Yo Yo tells his story of struggle and the journey to success as he went on building his team.#Highlight166: Honey Singh shares with his fans how he unsuccessfully tried to learn playing instruments from the gurus he wanted to, which compelled him to listen to others and learn on his own.#Highlight165: Yo Yo fans dance to the tune of his song Angrezi Beat Te.#Highlight164: Rabbi sings his popular number Tere Bin Sanu Soniya, Honey Singh follows with his Munde Patde song.#Highlight163: Rapper-singer Yo Yo Honey Singh joins Rabbi on the stage to talk about Music, Movies and TV in the next session.#Highlight162: Rabbi: When I listen to Rafi saheb, I feel as if Indian civilization is singing.#Highlight161: Rabbi sings a song by the Wadali Brothers.#Highlight160: Rabbi: In 2007, the music channels stopped playing singers such as me, Sonu Nigam and Daler Mehndi.#Highlight159: Rabbi says the verses of Punjabi poet Bulle Shah inspired him to compose his first big song Bulla ki jane.#Highlight158:Rabbi says the AAP’s progress was set back by 10 years after Kejriwal resigned.#Highlight157:Rabbi recalls his support to the AAP but says he now feels let down.#Highlight156: Rabbi sings a song by Springsteen.#Highlight155: Rabbi says the music of Bruce Springsteen at a concert in 1988 made him a rock music fan.#Highlight154: Rabbi says since he could not excel in studies, he wanted to be good in something else.#Highlight153: Rabbi says all his sisters have PhDs, unlike him, since he was not good at studies.#Highlight152: Rabbi opens the session with Challa ki labda.#Highlight151: Session with singer Rabbi Shergill begins.#Highlight150: Shubh dances to the tunes of Chikni Chameli.#Highlight149: Shubh says she she is now going to Asia’s Got Talent.#Highlight148: Shubh: I practised at lot to keep my balance while dancing on one leg.#Highlight147: Shubh: I trained myself and learned to dance while seeing Katrina Kaif’s Sheela ki Jawani song on TV.# Highlight146: Shubh says people used to call her handicapped but she did not like it at all.#Highlight145: Shubh, on one leg, dances to the tunes of Fevicol Se.#Highlight144: Shubh’s mother recalls how she went from hospital to hospital to save her daughter.#Highlight143: Shubh says her father passed away when she was in Class 9 and her mother brought her up with two other siblings.#Highlight142: Shubh says she was 23 when she decided to get her leg amputated.#Highlight141: Shubh says she once saw ants eating into her injured leg and asked the doctor to amputate her leg.#Highlight140: Shubh recalls how she lost her leg after a minor accident.#Highlight139: Session with Shubh Kaur Ghumman begins.#Highlight138: Session with Bhagwant Mann ends.#Highlight137: Bhagwant Mann recalls how he forced BJP MP to withdraw his words twice in the Lok Sabha recently.#Highlight136: Earning money or gaining power isn’t our objective: Bhagwant Mann.#Highlight135: Arvind Kejriwal could have earn a lot by remaining IRS officer. Nobody wants to leave his seat, quitting as Delhi CM is a big thing: Bhagwant Mann.#Highlight134: Punjab CM’s convoy has the maximum cars, he draws highest Rs 12 lakh salary in India: Bhagwant Mann.#Highlight133: Bhagwant Mann says he likes Aamir Khan as an actor as he also does some social work, ‘making money is not everything’.#Highlight132: Bhagwant Mann makes fun of TV news channels, says media focuses on comedy the most.#Highlight131: Thieves can never enter Arvind Kejriwal’s house as he keeps coughing, says Bhagwant Mann in a lighter vein.#Highlight130: Can’t imitate Rahul Gandhi as he hardly speaks, says Bhagwant Mann.#Highlight129: Narendra Modi is quieter than Manmohan Singh: Bhagwant Mann.#Highlight128: AAP MP Bhagwant Mann recites his poem targeting Modi govt on inflation and other issues.#Highlight127: Important things can be said in even 2 minutes: Bhagwant Mann on PM Narendra Modi making big speeches.#Highlight126: When will Achhe Din come, it’s well past 100 days now: Bhagwant Mann.#Highlight125: Where is Baba Ramdev who used to ask when will black money be brought back, asks Bhagwant Mann.#Highlight124: I don’t wear Bhagat Singh’s turban to become a big man like him, it reminds me of my duties: Bhagwant Mann.#Highlight123: Politicians have already made a lot of fun of Parliament, now comedians have come to raise people’s voice seriously: Bhagwant Mann.#Highlight122: Comedian-turned-AAP MP Bhagwant Mann comes on the stage to talk about Irony Of Our Times – Why Politics Needs a Sense of Humour.#Highlight121: Session with Snapdeal CEO Kunal Bahl ends.#Highlight120: There is no Bible of business, no thumb rule: Kunal Bahl.#Highlight119: Just be very honest to yourself: Kunal Bahl’s one-line success mantra.#Highlight118: Never in your life you will get all things perfect, press the trigger when you have a good idea: Kunal Bahl on right time to start a business.#Highlight117: Don’t do what others are asking you to, do what you feel is right, advises Kunal Bahl.#Highlight116: I didn’t go to an IIT, or an IIIT, still I did well so don’t worry about not going to IIT: Kunal Bahl.#Highlight115: I am too young and inexperienced to tell the govt what to do: Kunal Bahl.#Highlight114: I started posting house deals on Snapdeal and now I plan to sell cars online: Kunal Bahl.#Highlight113: My reputation is of a crazy guy who comes up with ideas that are going to flop: Kunal Bahl.#Highlight112: If something is not working try differently, try different things: Kunal Bahl on making a business successful.#Highlight111: We have struggled a lot in our initial days of business: Kunal Bahl.#Highlight110: Making money is not important. It is so important to do something for others: Kunal Bahl.#Highlight109: The ability to think big is very important: Kunal Bahl.#Highlight108: Snapdeal CEO Kunal Bahl is going to give tips on how to Build Something.#Highlight107: Next up, a session with Snapdeal CEO Kunal Bahl.# Highlight106: Selected audience members walk the ramp.# Highlight105: Suneet comments on the fashion statements of selected audience members.# Highlight104: Suneet asked to give style awards to audience members.#Highlight103: Suneet: To live a gay live, you have to realise you are no different from anyone else. I came out to my family when I was 21.#Highlight102: Suneet: One client asked me she wanted to see a pink no one has seen before!#Highlight101: Suneet: I do have an existential crisis. I live simply. I can’t even afford my own clothes.# Highlight100: Suneet: My first advice to students is go out and make mistakes and learn from them.#Highlight99: Suneet: I would count success as a life lived with passion.#Highlight98: Suneet: If you really want to do something you love, look for it and don’t stop.#Highlight97: Suneet: I was a bad student. I was young when I decided to be a designer.# Highlight96: Video clip of Suneet Varma’s works played for audience.#Highlight95: Session with Suneet Varma begins.#Highlight94: The session with Andy and Sophie comes to an end.#Highlight93: Andy impresses with his performance on Rekha’s famous dance on In Aankhon ki Masti song from film Umrao Jaan.#Highlight92:Sophie mesmerises audience with her Arabic song Ya Habibi.#Highlight91:Andy and Sophie are reliving their Bigg Boss moments.#Highlight90:Andy and Sophie perform Kathak on the stage, followed by Bollywood dance on popular number Gandi Baat.#Highlight89:You can’t change your personality when cameras are around you round the clock: Andy on being fake on Bigg Boss show.#Highlight88:Taking control from you is the hardest part: Andy on TV reality shows.#Highlight87:Reality is the most unreal experience: Sophie Choudry on reality shows.#Highlight86: I am a graduate from London School of Economics and I am a nerd: Sophie Choudry.#Highlight85: Actor-singer Sophie Choudry joins VJ Andy on the stage.#Highlight84: VJ Andy takes the stage to talk on the topic Step Up Claim Your Dreams.#Highlight83: Next session with VJ Andy and actor-singer Sophie Choudry.#Highlight82: Lunch break now. Session to start at 2.30 pm.#Highlight81: Geeta: Family support vital to excel in sports.#Highlight80: Mithali: One day, I would want to achieve what Sachin has achieved.#Highlight79: Jhulan: We feel nice if we are compared to cricketers such as Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar.#Highlight78: Babita says she is often mistaken for a boy due to her clothing and short hair.#Highlight77: Geeta: Our family had to go through a lot of social derision due to our choice of sport.#Highlight76: Mithali does a classical dance with audience members.#Highlight75: Mithali: Beating England in England in English conditions was amazing.#Highlight74: Babita wrestles with an audience member from Rajasthan.#Highlight73: Babita: We began wrestling traning from the age of 11-12.Our father was wrestler too.#Highlight72: Geeta: We have to take care of our diet.# Highlight71: Jhulan: I would take a train at 5.30 am to reach for traning by 7.30 am.#Highlight70: Mithali: Cricket happened by destiny. My parents made me get up early and I took to cricket.#Highlight69: Session with cricketers Jhulan Goswami and Mithali Raj and wrestlers Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari begins.#Highlight68: AAP wanted Congress support to form govt in Delhi for a second time; what kind of principle is this after calling us corrupt: Haroon Yusuf.#Highlight67: We will not indulge in horse-trading to form govt in Delhi: Satish Upadhyay.#Highlight66: Audience is almost unanimous for fresh election in Delhi at Mind Rocks snap poll.#Highlight65: “Modi-Modi” slogans reverberate as moderator Rahul Kanwal seeks people’s opinion at Mind Rocks.#Highlight64: We are ready for election, let the Delhi Assembly polls be announced: Satish Upadhyay.#Highlight63: You deserted Delhi to challenge Narendra Modi and become PM: Satish Upadhyay to Arvind Kejriwal.#Highlight62: Arvind Kejriwal refused to accept security as Delhi CM, but police had to rescue him when he was stormed by visitors at the secretariat: Haroon Yusuf.#Highlight61: A trail of Innova cars used to follow a Wagon-R even as AAP govt promised not to take govt cars: Haroon Yusuf.#Highlight60: Why is BJP running away from election in Delhi if people have written us off: Manish Sisodia.#Highlight59: The biggest event of the decade is recognition of youth power; Congress, BJP or AAP can’t claim credit for it: Satish Upadhyay.#Highlight58: In Delhi govt we ensured that no minister will move in red beacon car: Manish Sisodia.#Highlight57:International shooter and BJP MP Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, AAP member Manish Sisodia, Delhi Congress leader Haroon Yusuf and Delhi BJP chief Satish Upadhyay come on the stage.#Highlight56:Deepika dances to Shake your bootiya song with audience members.#Highlight55: Deepika asked to teach dandiya to two audience members.#Highlight54: Deepika: You start losing perspective on yourself with every film.#Highlight53: Deepika: You lose a little bit of yourself with every film.#Highlight52: Deepika: I had to compromise with my relationship with my family and my friends.Highlight51: Deepika dances with Shubh Kaur Ghumman on stage.#Highlight50: Deepika: You don’t get to the top unless you start from the bottom.#Highlight49: Deepika: We do not realise the amount of inner strength we have. #Highlight48: Deepika: I like my idlis and dosas. I am a south Indian! #Highlight47: Deepika: I had dance rehearsals at six in the morning and late at night.#Highlight46: Deepika: I am doing a world tour with Shah Rukh Khan for Happy New Year.#Highlight45: Deepika: Money is not driving me. It’s my passion. I have never bunked work.#Highlight44: Deepika: I take pride in a the fact I am physically strong.#Highlight43: Deepika: I am not an extrovert.#Highlight42: Deepika: I have learned that it’s okay be socially awkward.# Highlight41: Deepika: I start behaving awkwardly in front of fans.#Highlight40: Deepika: I did not enjoy badminton as much as did being in front of camera.#Highlight39: Deepika recalls a intimate scene with Arjun Kapoor from Finding Fanny.#Highlight38: Deepika shouts at the audience members saying they do not want to listen to her.#Highlight37: Deepika: Finding Fanny is a different film but people will relate to it.#Highlight36: Session with Deepika Padukone begins.#Highlight35:Deepika Padukone joins Arjun Kapoor on the stage at Mind Rocks.#Highlight34:Arjun Kapoor imitates Salman Khan at Mind Rocks.#Highlight33:To open my T-shirt is a big deal to me-Arjun Kapoor.#Highlight32:I am not seeing anybody, I am completely single-Arjun Kapoor.#Highlight31:Arjun Kapoor imitates Varun Dhwan’s dance moves on the stage at Mind Rocks.#Highlight30:I have been fortunate that I was always allowed to be my own, I wasn’t forced by my parents to do anything-Actor Arjun Kapoor.#Highlight29:Bollywood’s Ishaqzaada Arjun Kapoor is now on the stage at Mind Rocks to speak on the topic Coming Into His Own.#Highlight28:The session with Piyush Goyal at Mind Rocks comes to an end.#Highlight27:Union Minister Piyush Goyal finally gives in to Rahul Kanwal’s request and dances with wife and students at Mind Rocks.#Highlight26:Union Minister Piyush Goyal refuses to sing at Mind Rocks saying his wife will divorce him.#Highlight25:170 million tonne coal is imported despite the fact that India has the world’s third largest reserve, says Piyush Goyal.#Highlight24:It depends on how you maintain your body clock-Piyush Goyal on how he and the PM maintain high energy level without any break.#Highlight23:Finally India has started feeling India, the world has started recognising it, says Piyush Goyal as he insists Achhe Din have started coming in.#Highlight22:We have inherited a legacy which will take sometime to sort out-Piyush Goyal on delay in arrival of Achhe Din.#Highlight21:I am not the power minister of Delhi, but of the entire country, however when there was a problem I tackled the situation on priority-Piyush Goyal.#Highlight20:Anybody would like to go for a meeting fresh-Piyush Goyal on PM Narendra Modi changing kurtas quite often.#Highlight19:What I can’t handle is biased and unsubstantiated allegations-Piyush Goyal quoting PM Narendra Modi.#Highlight18:Till I develop my skills, I’ll talk less; I would travel less to foreign countries-Piyush Goyal if he were in place of Rahul Gandhi.#Highlight17:We have around 48,000 villages in the east and northeast which are media dark, which have no media coverage, says Piyush Goyal.#Highlight16:He is a patient listener, he listens to what you are saying-Union Minister Piyush Goyal on PM Narendra Modi.#Highlight15:Given the empowerment Mr Modi has given everyone of us, I am confident we’ll achieve that, says Union Minister Piyush Goyal.#Highlight14:Minister of State for Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy Piyush Goyal speaks on topic The Power of Youth – Why Politics Matters at Mind Rocks Youth Summit.#Highlight13:India Today Group Editor-at-Large Kaveree Bamzai delivers the Welcome Address at Mind Rocks Youth Summit 2014.#Highlight12:Students are reciting poems and singing songs at Mind Rocks Youth Summit.#Highlight11:Mind Rocks kicks off with a rock concert.#Highlight10:Welcome to the live coverage of Mind Rocks Youth Summit 2014 from Siri Fort Auditorium in New Delhi.#Highlight9:Rabbi Shergill will perform at the end of the event.#Highlight8:Singer, songwriter, guitarist Rabbi Shergill will speak on the soul of Sufi.#Highlight7:Snapdeal CEO Kunal Bahl will speak on taking a chance at building something.#Highlight6:Rapper-singer Yo Yo Honey Singh will speak on music, movies and TV.#Highlight5:AAP member Manish Sisodia and BJP MP Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore will speak on reinventing public office.#Highlight4:Actors Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor will address the gathering.#Highlight3:Power, Coal and Renewable Energy Minister Piyush Goyal will deliver the keynote speech.# Highlight2:This edition of Mind Rocks features film stars, MPs, sportspersons and singers.#Highlight1:India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit 2014 is being held in Delhi’s Siri Fort Auditorium on Saturday.#advertisementadvertisementadvertisementlast_img read more

Celeb Spotting: Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor in casuals are rocking it as usual

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ICC Champions Trophy: Pakistan, Sri Lanka lock horns in virtual quarter-final

first_imgIt will be a do-or-die affair for both Pakistan and Sri Lanka when they lock horns in a Group B Champions Trophy tie at the Sophia Gardens here on Monday.Both the unfancied teams are on two points each after identical records of one win and a loss from their previous group matches.Pakistan started their campaign on a disastrous note with a 124-run thrashing at the hands of arch-rivals India before punching above their weight to beat South Africa by 19 runs via the Duckworth-Lewis Method.Sri Lanka also started off with a loss — against South Africa — but stunned India by seven wickets at The Oval in London to throw the group open.However, both Pakistan and Sri Lanka will be wary of the rain that has disrupted most matches in this tournament.If Monday’s must win clash between the two sub-continent teams yields no result due to rain, then India and South Africa are likely to go through to the semi-finals.Pakistan were granted a favour by the rain gods against the Proteas who had been restricted to a pedestrian 219/8 in 50 overs.They managed 119/3 in 27 overs when the skies opened up and no further play was possible, prompting the officials to award the match to Pakistan.Sri Lanka, on the other hand, exceeded all expectations against India when they gunned down a formidable 322-run target, their joint-highest run chase in One-Day Internationals (ODI).Danushka Gunathilaka (76), Kusal Mendis (89) and skipper Angelo Mathews (52 not out) shone with the bat to keep the hopes of the 1996 World Cup winners alive.advertisementOn Monday, the Sri Lankans will go into the tie knowing that their batting depth is not just on paper but in real too.The likes of Dinesh Chandimal, Thisara Perera and other good batsmen and did not have to bat against India and will be raring to get some runs under their belt ahead of the knockout stage.Pakistan have depth in bowling even without Wahab Riaz who injured himself against India.Fast bowler Junaid Khan replaced him, seamlessly returning figures of 2/53 against South Africa. Besides, young pacer Hasan Ali has been in top form along with the ever dangerous Mohammad Amir.Imad Wasim is an all-rounder Pakistan would hope to deliver and the experience of Shoaib Malik, Mohammad Hafeez and Azhar Ali would also be key.Pakistan’s batting chinks is a cause of worry.All in all, Sri Lanka have the slight upper hand on Monday going by their form and confidence after that superb win against India. But on the given day Pakistan have the firepower to defeat their rivals.last_img read more

Wizards Mystify The Nets, 114-77

first_imgTweetPinShare0 Shares WASHINGTON — The Washington Wizards coasted through the first two months of the season. Through their initial 30 games, they were 22-8. Entering the Feb. 7 game, they were 9-12 since then.Needing to break a five-game losing streak, their longest since the end of the 2012-13 season, Washington led from start to finish and ended the skid with its biggest win of the season.The Wizards’ 114-77 victory was convincing. They led by 30 by the end of the third quarter — and by then the starters were all watching.“I didn’t care how much our starters got rest. We needed a win,” Washington coach Randy Wittman said.“It’s not so much you’re in a rut and not playing the way that we’re capable of. That’s going to happen. It’s reacting and how you get out of it. Throughout a couple of games in this stretch, we were kind of hoping we’d go out and win a game. We need to win a game instead of going out and taking it and being aggressive.”All 13 Wizards scored. John Wall had 17 points, Rasual Butler added 15 and Washington scored 64 points in the paint.The Wizards played without starting guard Bradley Beal, who sat out with an injured right big toe. It didn’t matter.Wittman encouraged his team to be aggressive, and they listened, especially Otto Porter, who started in Beal’s place.“Everybody was being aggressive in the right spot at the right time and playing for each other,” Porter said.The Nets, who had won three straight, were led by Brook Lopez with 19.“I sensed in the locker room before the game that we didn’t have energy and carried over into the start of the game,” Brooklyn coach Lionel Hollins said.Washington forced the Nets to call a timeout less than 2 1/2 minutes into the game. The Wizards led by 12 points 5 minutes into the game and by 20 at halftime.Marcin Gortat, who had a rough time during the losing streak was a true presence in the early going.“I was that physical guy, but I was the decoy today. I had four early fouls. It was fun. I had the best tickets in the building,” Gortat said.last_img read more

ISSF World Cup New Delhi: 25m Men’s Rapid Fire pistol winners to be reimbursed

first_imgThe organising committee of the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) World Cup has decided to reimburse all expenses of the medal winners of the Men’s 25m rapid fire pistol event.”Bearing in mind the withdrawal of two Olympic quotas in the Men’s 25m rapid fire pistol event as per an IOC decision the organising committee of the ISSF World Cup Rifle/Pistol New Delhi 2019 has decided as a gesture of goodwill and equity to reimburse 100 percent of the expenses incurred by the medallists of the event i.e Christian Reitz of Germany, Lin Junmin of China and Kim Junhong of (South) Korea,” organising committee Chairman Raninder Singh said in a statement on Tuesday.”Suitable notifications to the athletes and federations are being sent out,” Singh said.The event was originally supposed to give out two Tokyo 2020 Olympic games quota places but it was revoked as per an International Olympic Council (IOC) decision just before the competitions began.Also Read | ISSF World Cup: Anish finishes 5th in 25m Rapid Fire Pistol final; Manu, Heena disappointlast_img read more

Tim Cahill retires as the greatest of all the Socceroos

first_imgCahill’s final bow was taken against Peru at the conclusion of Australia’s 2018 World Cup campaign. His departure marks the end of an era. Back in 2006 he was the seventh-youngest squad member for that landmark trip to Germany, but from that joyous World Cup only Mark Milligan – who didn’t feature during the tournament – is in the running for future caps.It remains to be seen what Cahill chooses to do next, but despite being nearer 39 than 38, he is expected to continue his club career somewhere. After barely featuring for either Melbourne City or Millwall last season, however, his next move will most likely be with a view to future coaching ambitions. We will learn more at a press conference on Friday.For now, we applaud a retiring champion, the greatest of all the Socceroos. Socceroos’ time of transition sees baton pass from Cahill to Arzani Share on Facebook Reuse this content Share via Email World Cup 2018 When Tim Cahill announced his retirement from international football on Tuesday he did so as the greatest ever representative of Australia’s men’s national team. His 107 caps is a record for an outfield player, and his 50 goals almost double the tally of the next most prolific Socceroo.“Every single cap has been an honour,” he said on Tuesday. “I am incredibly proud to have had the opportunity to represent my country.” Tim Cahill Share on Messenger Share on LinkedIn Australia featurescenter_img Share on Pinterest Tim Cahill, Australia’s leading goalscorer, retires from international football Read more Share on Twitter World Cup Despite these monuments to consistency and longevity, Cahill’s international career was one defined by moments not aggregates. Examples are not difficult to recall, like netting Australia’s first ever World Cup finals goals in that never-to-be-forgotten comeback in Kaiserslautern, or smashing one of the most spectacular volleys in World Cup history against the Netherlands in 2014, to finding the back of the net twice against Syria at the age of 37 to keep his country’s 2018 World Cup dream alive. He was the definition of a big game player.Cahill’s on-field success was amplified by his visibility off it. For a decade he bore the brunt of marketing and PR duties for the national team, throughout which he was always the model professional, however misguided the venture. As the Socceroos transitioned away from the household names of the golden generation, Cahill remained a reassuring presence for teammates, coaches, sponsors and supporters, relishing the pressure that could have suffocated others.He showed it was possible to commit to the national side while also pursuing a top level club career in Europe, no mean feat given the travails of his predecessors. “I’ve never met anyone who loves the Socceroos as much as me,” he asserted in 2015. This devotion manifested in a will to win that improved teammates and galvanised the Australian dressing room. The selection of Cahill had a multiplying effect which will be hard for new coach Graham Arnold to replace.Cahill achieved all this despite being a player of – comparatively – limited ability. While his status as the greatest Socceroo is surely unchallenged, the title of best perhaps belongs elsewhere, to someone with purer footballing attributes like Harry Kewell or Mark Viduka. But that is not to denigrate Cahill, the opposite in fact, as it is testament to how hard he has trained and how much he has sacrificed, for so long, to extract every ounce of talent in order to maintain such record-breaking standards. This resilience can be seen in Cahill’s progression as an international footballer from dynamic pest to talismanic target man, to impact substitute, at each stage recognising the need to reinvent himself to continue adding value. Throughout each iteration he remained dangerous in the air, a reflection of his bravery and ability to influence matches by force of will. Despite standing just 180cm tall, Cahill headed half his international goals. “He is very determined and very decisive,” former Socceroos coach Guus Hiddink enthused back in 2009. “He is a wonderful talent, very sharp, full of impact and dangerous around the box.” While Cahill now retires a national icon, he very nearly didn’t play for Australia at all. As a 14-year old he represented Samoa’s under-20s in a World Youth Championship qualifier. It took almost a decade of lobbying FIFA to convince the world governing body that Cahill should be allowed to also play for the country of his birth. He eventually debuted as a substitute against South Africa in 2004 (replacing Marco Bresciano), the week before firing Millwall into their first FA Cup final. Topics Australia sport Share on WhatsApp Read morelast_img read more

Samsung Heavy Ups 2017 Orderbook Aim

first_imgzoom South Korean shipbuilder Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) has raised its orderbook goal for 2017 to USD 6 billion, from last year’s USD 5.3 billion target as the shipbuilding industry is expected to slightly improve during 2017, according to Yonhap News Agency.The announcement was made amid a protracted industry-wide slump and economic slowdown, as the company informed that this year would be a crucial point for its survival.According to SHI’s president and CEO Park Dae-young, the shipbuilder had a project with a contract certain to be secured this year.Earlier in January, the shipbuilder received an order worth KRW 1.5 trillion (USD 1.27 billion) to construct a large offshore platform for a US operator, the first order among Korean shipyards in 2017.The semi-submersible production platform, which will be deployed in Gulf of Mexico’s Mad Dog Field, weighs 58,000 tons and has a capacity of 110,000 barrels of oil and 25mcf of gas.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

Rohit is best oneday player says Virat Kohli

first_imgBirmingham: India skipper Virat Kohli was all praise for Rohit Sharma who scored a brilliant century against Bangladesh and termed him as the “best one-day player”. On Tuesday, Sharma (104) scored his fourth century of the ongoing World Cup, thus helping India post 314/9 which they successfully defended at Edgbaston. The Indian vice-captain became only the second batsman after Kumar Sangakkara to hit four hundreds in a single World Cup and in the process became the leading run-scorer in this edition of the tournament. Also Read – Dhoni, Paes spotted playing football togetherRohit unfurled a flurry of strokes and played with a lot of freedom while sharing a 180-run opening partnership with K.L. Rahul. During his 32-ball inning, Rohit hit five huge sixes and seven boundaries. “I have been watching it for years now, I have been saying it publicly, in my opinion Rohit is the best one-day player. When he plays, we are heading towards a big score and really happy with the way he’s playing,” said Kohli at the post-match presentation ceremony. “When he plays well we know we are heading for a big score. He gives everyone confidence to go out and bat,” he added.last_img read more

Amazons National Landing leads to confusion and jokes

first_imgARLINGTON, Va. — Place names in Arlington County have never been a simple matter. A major fight broke out when National Airport was named for Ronald Reagan in 1998. A fight continues over whether to name a park next to the airport for Nancy Reagan. And in the 1920s, the Postal Service refused to establish a post office in Arlington because the street names were so confusing and haphazard.So it is fitting that as Arlington officials celebrated Amazon’s decision to locate a new headquarters in the area, there was a bit of confusion over the place name.Amazon announced Tuesday that it was coming to National Landing, a place people had not heard of because it doesn’t exist. Economic development officials who were wooing the online retailing giant came up with the name as a way to describe the multiple neighbourhoods that were being offered as a site.Those neighbourhoods — Crystal City and Pentagon City in Arlington County, and Potomac Yard in the city of Alexandria — span multiple jurisdictions, so the name allowed Alexandria and Arlington to work co-operatively without marketing one locality over another.Unfortunately, because the yearlong process of wooing Amazon had been so secretive, the moniker that had become so commonplace in the economic-development discussions had zero recognition among the general public. So Amazon’s use of the name in its big announcement left people scratching their heads.Some people confused it with National Harbor, a new development in Maryland that has attracted one of the biggest casinos on the East Coast. Comedian Remy Munasifi, who made his name poking fun at Arlington in a YouTube rap that has been viewed more than 2 million times, suggested that Arlington National Cemetery would soon be renamed “Kindle Shores.”Rep. Don Beyer, whose congressional district encompasses the neighbourhoods, got in on the act when he suggested that the location of a new $1 billion graduate campus be dubbed “Hokie Landing.” The campus was a key incentive offered to Amazon by Virginia, which promised to double the number of students who graduate each year with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science and related fields.No official steps were ever taken to rename the region, and local officials have made clear they have no intention of trying to rename Crystal City or any other neighbourhood.In a tweet posted by Arlington Economic Development on Thursday, Arlington County Manager Mark Schwartz explained that National Landing was simply “a way to avoid saying, ‘Parts of Arlington, parts of Alexandria.’ “Christina Winn, director of business investment for Arlington Economic Development, said officials never imagined “there would be so much conversation” about the concept. Winn said there’s no intention to supplant or override the name of Crystal City, which draws its name from a big chandelier in one of the first apartment buildings to go up in the area in the 1960s.Still, she said, if Arlington and Alexandria team up on another economic-development pitch in the future, she said that the moniker might be revived.“It worked once,” she said.Matthew Barakat, The Associated Presslast_img read more

Apple Qualcomm bury hatchet in royalties battle royale

first_imgSan Francisco: Apple and American microchip manufacturer Qualcomm said Tuesday they have agreed to “dismiss all litigation” against each other worldwide in what had been a sprawling battle over royalty payments. The last-minute settlement cut short a courtroom clash between the tech giants just as it was getting underway in California. For two years, the companies had fought a multi-front brawl that could have required Qualcomm to pay billions. The news sent Qualcomm’s stock price soaring more than 23 percent on Wall Street, its best one-day performance in nearly 20 years. The deal includes a six-year license agreement with the option to extend for two years, and a payment to Qualcomm from Apple, the companies said. At the heart of the battle were the royalties Qualcomm charges for its patented chips, which enable smartphones to connect to mobile networks. Apple accused Qualcomm, which holds the most patents for chips, of taking advantage of its dominant position to charge exorbitant amounts for its chips or access to its patents. Qualcomm denied the allegations and accused Apple of abusing its position and of taking legal action to negotiate prices down. “I believe both Apple and Qualcomm got deeper into this than they wanted to,” analyst Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy said in a statement. “This settlement should be good for the wireless industry as companies should feel free to invest in research, get paid a fair price for those inventions, and consumers take advantage of those innovations at a very rapid pace.” Several hours after the deal was announced, Intel said it was withdrawing from the 5G smartphone modem business, without indicating whether its decision was a cause or consequence of the agreement its rival signed with Apple.last_img read more

Blue Lagoon

first_imgIngredients Curacao Syrup 50 ml Sprite 250 ml Lemon Juice 2 tsp Sugar Syrup 2 tbsp Mint & Lemon to garnish Ice Cubes as requiredPreparation Add sugar syrup, lemon juice and curacao syrup in a glass and stir with a spoon. Now add sprite and give a quick stir. Quickly add a handful of ice, some mint leaves and lemon slices to garnish. Serve chilled. (Courtesy: Sanjay, Mellow Garden, New Delhi)last_img

Adani to develop container terminal port in Myanmar

first_imgNew Delhi: Adani Group Tuesday said it has received approvals to develop a new container terminal in Myanmar as the diversified conglomerate spreads its port operations beyond Indian shores. This will be Adani’s second international port after Australia. It said the investment does not breach Australian, US, UN or other international sanctions against Myanmar. “Adani rejects insinuations that this investment is unethical or will compromise human rights,” the group said in a statement. “As with all its international investments, the Adani Group has been guided by the Securities and Exchange Board of India and other key international guidelines and will inform the concerned authorities when we firm up the agreements.” Also Read – Commercial vehicle sales to remain subdued in current fiscal: IcraThe land where the port is proposed to be built has been leased from the Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC). “An Adani Group company, the Adani Yangon International Terminal Co Ltd, has received approval from the Myanmar Investment Commission for an investment in a new container port in the Yangon Region,” the company said in a statement without giving investment it is going to make in developing the terminal to receive containers sailing on ships. Also Read – Ashok Leyland stock tanks over 5 pc as co plans to suspend production for up to 15 daysLocal reports put the investment committed by Adani at $290 million. Adani operates five ports in India including Mundra and Hazira in Gujarat and has three terminals at ports in Murmugao, Vishakhapatnam and Tuna-Tekra. It is building a container terminal at Ennore in Tamil Nadu and Vizinjham port in Kerala. It also has a port in Australia. Adani Yangon International Terminal, a company incorporated in Singapore, received approval from the Myanmar Investment Commission on April 26 to develop, operate and maintain the Ahlone International Port Terminal-2 (AIPT-2) under a 50-year Build, Operate and Transfer agreement with the government, according to the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA). AIPT-2 in Ahlone township by the Yangon river will be developed across 50 acres of land owned by Myanmar Economic Corporation, which is currently operating AIPT-1, according to DICA. The company will enjoy income tax incentives for the first three years of operations. Construction of the port, which will be built from scratch, is expected to begin in September. Phase 1 of development will involve enough capacity to handle between 1 lakh and 1.5 lakh twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU), or twenty-foot containers, when it is completed within the targeted 12 months. Phase 2, which will take an additional six months to construct, is expected to take the port’s total capacity to a maximum of 8 lakh TEUs. Adani statement said the Myanmar Investment Commission is an entity of the Myanmar government that is governed by senior ministers and public servants including representatives of the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Planning and Finance, and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation. The port terminal will be built under the auspices of the Myanmar Port Authority, the Myanmar Ministry of Transport and Communication, it said. “The new container port will enable Myanmar to bring further efficiencies to the nation’s international trade by enabling cost-effective, high-volume imports and exports,” it said. “This will benefit Myanmar’s civil society by contributing to the nation’s economic development and create more than 1,100 local jobs.” Adani said its investment does not breach any international sanctions against Myanmar. “It is important to note that many economic sanctions against Myanmar were lifted in recent years (including by the USA and Australia) following political reforms within the country and the election of a civilian government,” it said. The company added that while some nations, including Australia, have arms embargos and travel restrictions on key members of the military in place, this does not preclude investment in the nation or business dealings with corporations such as MEC. The Group’s vision, it said, is to help build critical infrastructure for nations across key markets and help in propelling economic development and social impacts. AIPT-2 will be part of Yangon Port cluster on Strand Road in downtown Yangon, which includes Asia World Port Terminal and Myanmar Industrial Port. Container traffic in Myanmar is projected to grow to 20 lakh TEUs from current 12 lakh TEUs in the next few years and the new port will handle part of the traffic.last_img read more

US Administration Report Suspects All Sunni Muslims of Being Potential Terrorists

By François KoundounoRabat – Amidst racial profiling and mounting security concerns, being a Sunni Muslim has recently been singled out as the most effective indicator of individuals’ disposition towards violence and terrorism.A late January security report by Department of Homeland Security urged American authorities to have strict immigration policies and a continuous surveillance of individuals suspected to be terrorism or violence-prone. The report, which is a mere four-page document, is filled with suggestions that international terrorism, or individuals who are likely to condone it, are generally not American; the threat is said to come from outside, and it is generally “Sunni Muslim”. The report singled out Sunni Muslims on the grounds that they have “at-risk” demographic profiles. After analyzing 25 terrorist attacks in the US between October 2001 and December 2017, it recommends “continuous surveillance” and a state-sponsored-profiling of “persons of interest”, adding particularly that immigrants in the United States should be tracked and “vetted on a long-term basis”.The report was drafted at the request of Kevin McAleenan, U.S Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner, who said that the purpose of the report was “to inform United States foreign visitor screening, immigrant vetting and on-going evaluations of United States-based individuals who might have higher risk for becoming radicalized and conducting a violent attack.”And among the “risk indicators”, some items, unsurprisingly, made the top of the list: being male and young, having national origins in the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa. However, the greatest risk-indicator is, according to the report, being a “Sunni Muslim.”CBP, which works conjointly with DHS (Department of Homeland Security) on such matters, said that Sunni Muslims are particularly “vulnerable to terrorist narratives”, explaining that the report’s findings [possibly reflects] the long standing difficulty for some Muslim immigrants to integrate into United States society.”An earlier DHS report on January 16 claimed that 3 out 4 individuals convicted for terrorism or terrorism-related deeds were immigrants, or sympathizers of “radical Sunni Islam militancy.” It also claimed that 73% of convicted terrorists between 9/11 and December 31, 2016 were foreign-born and generally Sunni Muslims.A number of news outlets and commentators have criticized the reports for “cherry-picking” cases and narratives that can help implement Trump’s administration’s hostility towards immigrants, especially from predominantly Muslim countries in the Middle East and Africa.But despite the criticism, senior officials in the concerned departments speak of “a sobering reality” and the need for the U.S to protect its citizens from “foreign-grown terrorism”.“The information in this report is just the tip of the iceberg… The pillars of President Trump’s immigration policy are to secure our porous borders”, said DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielson. read more

Killing of Nepalese media group head sparks UN alarm

Arun Singhanyia, chairperson of the Janakpur Today Media Group in southern Nepal, was shot dead on 1 March. According to media reports, he was killed as he was traveling home after celebrating the Hindu festival of Holi.His murder comes just one month after the killing of Jamim Shah, head of satellite TV station Channel Nepal and cable TV company Space Time Network, who was shot dead by two men on a motorcycle on a major thoroughfare in Katmandu, the capital. His driver Mathuraman Malakar was seriously injured in the attack.Last year, Uma Singh, a reporter at Radio Today FM and a member of the Women’s Human Rights Defenders in the southern district of Dhanusha, was hacked to death in her own home by men armed with “khukhuris,” curved knives traditional to Nepal.The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal (OHCHR-Nepal) stressed today that threats and violence against the media can jeopardize the right to freedom of expression, and that journalists must be able to carry out their profession safely and have their human rights fully respected.The State must ensure the necessary security and intervene when appropriate for all journalists under threat, it added.“The protection of journalists is of paramount importance in a democratic society and both State and non-State actors must show full respect for press freedom and support a free and independent media,” said Andrew Palmer, Officer-in-Charge of OHCHR-Nepal.A decade-long civil war, claiming some 13,000 lives, ended in 2006 with the signing of a peace accord between the Government and Maoists. After conducting Constituent Assembly elections in May 2008, Nepal abolished its 240-year-old monarchy and declared itself a republic. 3 March 2010The United Nations human rights office in Nepal today expressed its deep concern over the killing of the head of a media group, the latest in a string of murders of journalists in the Asian nation. read more

Law change could boost littleused state crowdfunding laws

In this March 30, 2017 photo, former Green Bay Packers player Darryl Ingram poses in Milwaukee, next to the website for his personal consulting business, Videoscore, which helps high school athletes connect with college teams. Ingram wants to develop an app that matches players with programs and to launch the venture he’s turned to an emerging form of state crowdfunding that lets entrepreneurs sell stock in their startups without going public. (AP Photo/Ivan Moreno) Law change could boost little-used state crowdfunding laws MADISON, Wis. – A former Green Bay Packers player whose consulting business has connected 400 high school athletes with college teams got a lesson in federal securities law when he sought to raise money for a new smartphone app.Videoscore owner Darryl Ingram decided to seek Wisconsin investors through a process called state crowdfunding, a relatively new and underused tool available to small businesses. What he didn’t realize was that the system bans any ad that can be seen by an out-of-state resident, including solicitations through Facebook and Twitter, so his effort to raise $100,000 failed to land a single taker.Modernized federal rules taking effect Thursday lift such restrictions on using social media for state crowdfunding, provided that the states incorporate the changes into their own laws. Ingram says it will make it much easier for small businesses like his to raise money from in-state investors.“If I’m setting up a crowdfunding site, I’d want it to reach as many people as possible,” he said. “That’s hard without social media.”A measure former President Barack Obama signed into law in 2012 laid the groundwork for the new rules. The goal was to help startups raise money quickly when they couldn’t attract attention from traditional investors. But as the Securities and Exchange Commission took three more years to finalize crowdfunding rules, more than 30 states grew impatient and created their own.Under state crowdfunding, small businesses ranging from software companies to yoga studios can sell stock to residents of their own state without having to report the transactions to federal regulators. But if any ad reaches someone outside the state, the company could be found in violation of the arrangement and be forced to register with the SEC — a lengthy process that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and subjects the company to additional scrutiny.“State crowdfunding laws are the Wild West,” said Mitchell Lindstrom, a Milwaukee attorney who specializes in crowdfunding. He said state crowdfunding is a young enough practice that many of the rules are not only untested but still being worked out.Federal crowdfunding, on the other hand, allows companies to find investors in any state and advertise widely. Both forms of crowdfunding are risky for investors, given that about half of startups fail within the first five years.But supporters of state crowdfunding say it’s easier to undertake and has particular appeal because local investors can help grow local companies. The idea is that investors who help a neighbourhood restaurant get off the ground not only make a small profit but also get the joy of seeing their investments at work.Hatch Oregon, a non-profit state crowdfunding platform based in Portland, calls new offerings on its site “CPOs” — community public offerings — instead of “IPOs.”“It really is community-based,” said Finn Terdal, Hatch’s technology manager. “There’s nothing about federal crowdfunding that ensures it’s your neighbour.” Offerings listed on Hatch’s site have included a baseball bat maker, an artisanal ice cream company and a distillery.Terdal said the biggest hurdle has been reaching both entrepreneurs and investors, which could be improved with the upcoming rule changes and by states marketing the option more widely.Fewer than 200 companies in the country have tried raising capital through state crowdfunding, according to data from the North American Securities Administrators Association. It doesn’t have information on how many of those companies actually raised money, but individual states’ results suggest success has been spotty:— In Texas, 41 companies with in-state offerings raised on average less than a quarter of the money they asked for: just $56,000 of $312,000.— In Oregon, all but six of 26 companies that tried state crowdfunding cancelled their offerings for lack of interest.— In Wisconsin, only three of nine companies that tried it raised any money, and almost all of that was for a single brewery.Abe Chu is a co-founder of NextSeed, a crowdfunding portal based in Houston. Chu said the company started as a state crowdfunding platform in 2015 but late last year retooled itself as a solely federal platform to get better results.But he’s still enthusiastic about state crowdfunding, especially with the upcoming change.“A local restaurant, fitness studio or brew pub can benefit a by having a strong base of local investors who in turn can become advocates and customers,” Chu said.Ingram, the Wisconsin entrepreneur who couldn’t raise a dime for his app via state crowdfunding, says he’s now focusing on face-to-face pitches of potential investors. But he says he might try state crowdfunding again after the change.“I’ll throw a bunch of stuff against the wall and see what sticks,” he said.___Associated Press writer Marcy Gordon contributed to this report from Washington.___Follow Cara Lombardo on Twitter at by Cara Lombardo, The Associated Press Posted Apr 20, 2017 10:13 am MDT Last Updated Apr 20, 2017 at 11:20 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

Ban urges Israeli Palestinian leaders to stand up to extremists on both

A statement issued by the Office of the United Nations Spokesperson in New York this evening said Mr. Ban today spoke separately by telephone today with Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Mahmoud.According to the readout, the Secretary-General said he was shocked by the deadly attack of 18 November on a synagogue in West Jerusalem and the he was “extremely alarmed by the upsurge of violence in recent weeks.” The attack at the synagogue resulted in the murder of four innocent civilians worshipping there and a police officer, as well as the injury of many more. “The dangerous downward spiral must urgently be reversed,” the UN chief said in his conversations, emphasizing that at this delicate and dangerous juncture, “courage and responsibility were required from both the President and the Prime Minister to take a stand that may be contrary to extremists in their own domestic constituencies.”The readout further notes that the Secretary-General said he hoped the recently announced confidence-building measures and firm commitments made by both sides at the meeting in Amman, Jordan, to maintain the status quo regarding the holy sites would be further translated into a de-escalation of tensions. “Absent this, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict may quickly morph into a religious conflict, over which the international community will have limited, if no, leverage,” Mr. Ban warned, according to the readout. read more

The Rockets Love Launching 3s From Way Past The Line

Brooklyn Nets70– The Rockets shoot from (way, way) downtownNBA teams with the most 3-point attempts from 28-35 feet, 2017-18 Golden State Warriors84– Indiana Pacers107– Cleveland Cavaliers93– Portland Trail Blazers108– Detroit Pistons77– Houston Rockets178– DALLAS — The Houston Rockets, who at the moment seem to be the only team worthy of challenging the defending champion Warriors, just might be the NBA’s most unapologetic club.The team set fire to the record books last season by launching more than 40 3-point attempts per night, which shattered their own record from 2014-15 and was over six 3s a night more than the team with the second-most attempts. Yet entering this campaign, reigning Coach of the Year Mike D’Antoni still wanted more, saying that Houston could realistically take 50 per game. Houston may not be quite that extreme so far, but they are on pace to become the first team in history to shoot more 3s than 2s — which is mind-boggling in its own right.Yet for all the attention paid to how many 3s the Rockets are taking, there’s been less attention paid to where, exactly, the club is hoisting them from, and the positive difference it’s making for their offense even if the shots don’t all go in.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Going into their nationally televised matchup Friday night with the Pelicans, the Rockets were spotting up from a different zip code far more than any other team. Houston’s taken a whopping 178 three-point attempts from the 28-to-35 foot range, according to data from James Jackson of ESPN Stats & Information Group. For context, the teams right behind Houston on this list, Portland and Indiana, have taken just 108 and 107 attempts from this distance which is at least 4 feet behind the line. But after those three teams, no one else has even managed to crack 100 so far. This number is unusually high for the 3-point-obsessed Rockets, too: They’ve already taken more 3s from that range in 46 games this season than they took during last year’s entire 82-game slate. Charlotte Hornets78– Boston Celtics93– Source: ESPN Stats & Information Group Team3-point Attempts Miami Heat70– Of course, it’s not like Houston — which entered Friday as the No. 2 seed, at 34-12 — is regularly canning these looks. The Rockets are connecting on just under 30 percent of their shots from that deep,1When the Rockets take 3s from above the break, their average shot distance is 25.8 feet from the basket, the second-farthest in the NBA. a far cry from the 36 percent league-average mark from 3-point range in general.Still, there are several reasons that those shots help the team even if they don’t go in, and just about all of those reasons stem from the spacing these long shots create. Chris Paul and James Harden certainly benefit from the extra room, and they already rank among the NBA’s best playmakers, even without the help.Watch this pick-and-roll play against Utah, where Paul comes down and finds big man Clint Capela for a dunk. Jazz swingman Joe Johnson was prepared to help at the rim, but began scrambling back toward sharpshooter Ryan Anderson, even though he was standing nearly 30 feet from the basket. Johnson’s recognition that Anderson can make shots from that distance was enough to send him rushing away from Capela.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Capela, who’s in the middle of his best season and is currently leading the NBA in field-goal percentage, has been perhaps the biggest beneficiary of the additional spacing. Harden and Paul, two of the best no-look passers, have had a field day throwing him lobs (He’s second in the league in dunks). His average shot attempt this season is coming fewer than 2 feet from the basket.“Having all that extra space definitely enhances Clint’s game,” said D’Antoni, who told me he gave a handful of players (namely Anderson, Harden and Eric Gordon) the green light last season to experiment with the longer 3-point tries.The importance of Capela’s vertical floor-spacing role within the offense can’t be overstated. For starters, the Rockets run an NBA-high 62 direct2Meaning an action that led directly to a shot, foul or change of possession. pick-and-rolls per 100 possessions, according to Second Spectrum and NBA Advanced Stats, meaning he’s involved in dozens of scoring opportunities each game, with both Paul and Harden. One thing worth noting about this trio: Paul, Harden and Capela have led the Rockets to a 19-0 mark this season when all three suit up and play. The team is just 15-12 when one or more of them doesn’t play.When I asked Paul what it’s like playing in an offense with so much space, he explained that he’s still learning to adjust to how open some of his teammates are. “My friends joke with me and tell me I’m a new player now, but it’s a cool way to play,” he told me. “Nobody argues about shots or anything. When you see us get frustrated, a lot of the time it’s because we’re not defending. The offense is free-flowing, and guys just let (long shots) go.”Giving players like Paul and Harden more space to work with is almost cruel. A weak-side defender’s inability to help leaves primary stoppers on an island, and the star point guards are happy to take their chances with those matchups. The result so far: The Rockets go 1-on-1 more than any other NBA team and are the league’s most efficient isolation team by a wide margin.3Their current scoring rate is the highest on record in the Synergy Sports database, which goes back 14 years. Similarly, Harden and Paul rank No. 1 and No. 2 in isolation efficiency among those who go 1-on-1 at least three times per contest. (Harden is somehow scoring nearly 53 percent of the time in iso scenarios to this point.)But the isolation plays are just one way the extra spacing has helped Harden this year, after he showed himself to be perhaps the NBA’s best passer last season. The extra room has also enabled him to toy with defenses at times. In this first video of the Rockets playing against Sacramento, Harden draws three defenders at once — two of whom run into each other — and feeds the ball to Capela after the Kings fail to account for him in the paint. Less than two minutes later, knowing that the defense won’t make the same mistake and leave Capela open again, Harden makes it look as if he’s going to throw the ball back to his center but instead swings the ball to a wide-open Anderson, who’s waiting 5 feet above the top of the key.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.In just those two plays, the Rockets illustrate how easily they can break a defense. If you pay too much attention to Harden or Paul, they’ll simply go over the top to Capela. Pay too much attention to someone cutting through the paint? There’s a good chance it’s going to cost you 3 points, given the caliber of shooters they have lining the perimeter. And it goes without saying that if you neglect Harden or Paul driving into the paint, Houston will either score or draw a shooting foul, which the Rockets do better than anyone.All of this explains why Anderson likes to stand so far off the line: It forces the defender to make a choice: Am I going to come out and guard him up to 30 feet from the basket and be too far away to provide help on James or Paul, or do I want to be in position to guard against the drive and risk letting Anderson or Gordon get an open 3 from basically another county?“I kind of like shooting it from that deep. Most times, no one wants to come out that far, so it feels kind of like a free throw, where there’s no pressure,” said Anderson, who was prodded by D’Antoni to start taking that shot based on what his coach had seen in shootarounds and practices. “And if they do hug up on me, like Harrison Barnes was doing tonight, all it does is leave room for James and Chris.” (Harden finished Wednesday’s game with 25 points, 13 assists and one turnover.)You might think this sort of dilemma might send a defense scrambling, but opposing teams sometimes treat the court like a minefield: Often they’re a bit too confused about who they should shade toward and wind up unwilling to make a definitive step in any direction. Houston’s opponents move at the league’s seventh-slowest rate on defense, according to Second Spectrum. On the flip side, the Rockets know exactly what they want to do when they have an open look, regardless of how far away they may be from the basket.“They’re really comfortable out there,” D’Antoni said of his players, who get more wide-open 3s per game than any other team. “If it’s just as comfortable [as a shorter 3], why not shoot it? I’m willing to live with that.” read more

NBA Finals 2012 Summer Olympics Euro 2012 among what to watch this

While the summer is a time for jobs, internships and working on tans for many Ohio State students, it is also a great time in the world of sports. The summer of 2012 is no exception, with enough drama and intrigue to keep us glued to our televisions for the entirety of this shortened summer break. Here are a few things to watch for. Euro 2012 (June 8 – July 1) For the reader at home thinking, “There’s no way I’m wasting my time watching soccer,” I implore you to give Euro 2012 a chance. Aside from the World Cup, the UEFA European Football Championship best exemplifies why soccer is considered to be the beautiful game. The best European soccer players come together as 16 European countries compete for the Henri Delaunay Trophy. Spain won the previous tournament in 2008 and also won the World Cup in 2010. They hope to become the first country ever to win three consecutive major tournaments. NBA Finals The Eastern and Western Conference Finals will come to a close this week, with the winners of each moving on to the finals. Regardless of who advances between the Spurs and Thunder and the Celtics and Heat, we are in for an extremely interesting finale to the 2012 NBA season. The Spurs and Celtics are two aging franchises, led by hall-of-fame players past their primes, hoping to capture one final championship ring. The Thunder are the exact opposite, a group of young but talented players trying to begin their own dynasty. And of course there is the Miami Heat led by LeBron James – the team and the player that nearly everyone seems to hate. James is still seeking his first championship after famously predicting that the Heat would win not one, not two, not three, not four… NBA offseason The most exciting action in the NBA this summer might actually take place off the court. Though it is not receiving as much hype as summer 2010, in which James and Chris Bosh signed as free agents with the aforementioned Miami Heat, this NBA offseason is just as compelling. It all begins with the NBA Draft on June 28, where teams will try to turn around their failing franchises by selecting prospects from one of the deepest draft classes in recent memory. The real fun beings on July 11 when teams can start signing free agents. Will Dwight Howard finally be traded from the Orlando Magic? Where will All-Star point guard Deron Williams sign? What will the Lakers do with Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum? These are just some of the questions that should be answered this summer. 2012 Summer Olympics (July 27 – August 12) Is there really anything better than the Olympics? For a few weeks the country pulls together to support our nation’s top athletes as they compete in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Whether you’re watching the men’s basketball team attempt to defend their gold medal or Michael Phelps swim at his final Olympics, the 26 different sports provide something for everyone to enjoy. read more