New Pyramid Discovered in Egypt

By Connie GuindonArcheologists have uncovered the remains of a 3700-year-old pyramid approximately 40km south of Cairo, beneath the sands of Saqqara.It’s the stuff of an Egyptologist’s dream, waiting for millennia to be discovered underneath 65 feet of sand. For Egypt’s Antiquities Chief, Dr. Zahi Hawass, the journey to this day began two years ago when his team unearthed the first hints of a structure just south of Cairo. It wasn’t until two months ago, however, that hope turned to certainty when they were able to determine that what they had discovered was indeed the base of a larger pyramid structure. Dr. Hawass spoke with reporters about the excitement that accompanies making such a discovery. “To find a new pyramid is always exciting. And this one is magical. It belonged to a queen.” According to a report in the Telegraph, Hawass is convinced this is the final resting place of Queen Sesheshet, founder of the sixth dynasty.The structure is square in shape, standing approximately 138 metres high and 72 feet long. The site has been described as being in “very good condition.” Visible so far is an interior corridor and blocks have also been unearthed, engraved with hieroglyphics. The excavation is located in the Dahshur Royal Necropolis. It will take more excavation to determine the actual size of the structure.There is speculation that the structure discovered could be the earliest attempt made at building a smooth-sided pyramid, according to Al Jazeera. Head of the Dahshur Necropolis, Adel Okasha, has said that the remains belong to the inner structure of the pyramid.Much of the site remains unexcavated at present but archeologists are only two weeks away from entering the royal burial chamber. Dr. Hawass is hopeful they will find Queen Sesheshet’s sarcophagus but as for treasure, he won’t hold his breath. According to Hawass, tomb robbers most likely got to the chamber first a very long time ago. read more

Navy rescues more Myanmar boatpeople

“Four people required medical attention and are out of danger,” the navy official, who asked not to be named, said. “They will reach shore by tomorrow (Sunday).” Four of the rescued passengers required treatment for dehydration and they were being brought to the southern port of Galle, he said. It is the second time in less than two weeks the navy has gone to help a crippled foreign boat.On February 3, the navy rescued 138 Bangladeshi and Myanmar nationals from a sinking boat. One of the passengers in that boat had died before help reached. Sri Lanka’s navy on Saturday rescued 38 Myanmar nationals who were drifting off the island’s east coast, the second batch of boatpeople to be saved in as many weeks, officials said.Sri Lankan naval craft responding to a distress call plucked the 38 people from a rickety boat drifting about 250 miles (400 kilometres) off the east coast, a navy official said. Officials said it was unclear if those identified as Myanmar nationals were Rohingya — members of a stateless Muslim minority described by the UN as one of the world’s most persecuted groups — who had fled Myanmar.An explosion of tensions between Buddhist and Muslim communities in Myanmar’s western state of Rakhine since June 2012 has triggered a seaborne exodus of Rohingya.Thailand’s navy blocked more than 200 Rohingya boatpeople from entering the kingdom late last month as part of a new policy under which they will be given food and water but barred from landing if their boat is seaworthy. (AFP) read more