1×1 of Atlético: historical disaster without Oblak or Morata

first_imgAdam: First chance of the season at eleven after having played only 24 minutes in Anoeta. It was not well clearing a split ball in the first half, but the play was invalidated for offside. In the second it happened again, clearing fists back and ending in the goal of Castañeda. It is not easy to be a substitute goalkeeper and play after so much time stopped, but he made a serious mistake. Little could do in the goal of Benito. Two goals practically in the only two shots against. Arias: Constants up the right lane, reaching the bottom line and looking for the center, although he noticed the absence of Morata in the area, usual rojiblanco header. He lacked some more clarity in the final meters. He was not able to get to close the center of Gudino that became the goal of Benito. Felipe: Indispensable in defense, he added his nineteenth consecutive complete game. A safe back, impossible to overcome in the melee and in the air game. He showed strength in the ball, without raffling the ball, far superior to the rival front. Play perfect with the body, aware of when to protect, when to cut or when to clear. He was able to score in the 90th minute, but he avoided it Giffard with a stop. The best back one more time. Beautiful: Minutes after more than a month without playing. His ability to look for the right wing, in this case Arias, is a great weapon with the precision of your game changes. It is the center with the best play played by the team. Manu Sánchez: New opportunity for the canterano on the left side. Bold to raise the band with consistency and to look for Vitolo ahead. He looked for the goal in two shots on goal without success. He was the only squad in the eleven and ended up suffering in the final minutes, where Cultural turned the game to his band. Kawaya became a nightmare in recent moments.Llorente: Pivot of the team with the escort of Herrera on the right and Saul on the left during the first half. He started comfortably, without suffocating pressure that allowed him to show himself more at the start of the ball. Attentive in recovery, he came out with power when he stole the ball in the middle. He saw the yellow on the edge of the break for a foul on Martinez. With the entrance of Thomas, more overturned to the right and he got lost on the pitch. He left replaced in minute 98. CHEMA DIAZ & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Llorente disputes an aerial ball.CHEMA DIAZ (DAILY AS) Herrera: Atleti needs more Mexican presence at the ball out. He was inaccurate and lost many balls in the middle. He was able to score at 20 minutes with a shot that was looking for the Cultural squad, but Giffard won. Simeone replaced him at the break after a gray game in a position that apparently should favor his participation.Saul: More comfortable in a center of the field of three, with more arrival to the rival area. With the passing of minutes, while Atlético lost presence, Cholo moved him to the left wing. He did not have excessive participation in the game, although he won a key aerial ball in the action of Correa’s goal. It requires more presence with the ball. He saw the yellow for a small ‘pique’ with a rival. In extra time he went on to play in the middle when Llorente came out. In the last minutes he was exhausted, he did not cut the center that culminated in the goal of Benito or the subsequent arrival of Gudiño who could become the third of the Cultural.Belt: He occupied the right side of the rojiblanco attack. He was not as participatory as in the last games, but again it was decisive for the goal. He opened the scoring for Atlético defining very well with the left after the assistance of João Félix. Today is essential in the team, although it was not his best encounter. It was replaced at 101 minutes. Vitolo: He was able to make the first goal after seven minutes in his hand after a great pass from João Félix, but his stinging shot went off. Again in the second half he enjoyed an unbeatable opportunity after a pass from the Portuguese where he scored the cross shot and won Giffard. It was the second change of Atletico to give entry to Saponjic and he could not leave happy, since he could not define in two clear actions and could not channel the game of mattress attack. João Felix: In a front of three, he moved very comfortable as a false ‘9’ in the first minutes, until Atlético lost possession. He left four major key passes, although only Correa could take advantage of it to score. A shipment at the first touch to leave the Argentine face to door. Before, he gave two fantastic assists for Vitolo, but the canary could not beat the goalkeeper in any of them. Also for Saponjic with a brilliant shipment that ended at the finish line. He delayed his position to receive more comfortable between the lines waiting for the unchecking of his attack partners. On the negative side, he repeatedly lost himself in trying to make it pretty instead of being practical and it didn’t work out and he finished a game again, although in this case with extra time, I stiff physically without being able to have more presence in attack.Saponjic DebutThomas: Siemone change at the break for Herrera. He positioned himself as a pivot to give tranquility to the exit of the athletic ball, allowing Llorente to deploy in attack. It was not fine in the corner kicks, although it did serve a good ball for Felipe’s header in the 90th minute. Saponjic: His first half hour with Atlético after not counting during his first six months for Simeone. Well in the back game, he has a size that makes him win in the melee. He provided Atlético with a point reference, something that did a lot of good for his teammates. He was able to score in the 86th and 90th minute, but his first powerful shot stopped him Giffard and the second, more focused, again stopped the goal with difficulties. He was subject to multiple faults in the defense of the Cultural. Camel: He entered Llorente at 98 minutes. He tried to hunt some loose ball in the area to get a chance to score, but he couldn’t have his own. Riquelme: Last change in minute 101 for Correa. He sought overflow from the right wing and dared to face and assume responsibilities. Atlético debuted in the Copa del Rey with three players in the middle, Llorente pivot with Herrera on the right and Saul on the left forming a 4-3-3. The attack front was composed of Correa, João Félix and Vitolo, with the freest Portuguese, from false ‘9’. Simeone gave minutes to less common players like Adam, Beautiful, Manu Sánchez or Llorente. After starting well, sending in the game, Atlético lost weight in the game and bottled in their area. At the break Simeone gave entrance to Thomas by Herrera to look for some game in the middle. Saponjic debuted and Correa broke the tie after a great pass from João Félix. However with a side center and a bad clearance from Adam came the goal of the Cultural that forced the extension, with a Giffard who avoided Felipe’s goal with a tremendous stop. El Cholo ended up playing with Thomas and Saul in the double pivot, Riquelme on the right, João Félix on the left and Saponjic and Camel on tip. last_img read more