Setién: “With fewer players, all are plugged in”

first_imgHow do you raise the game?“It is always better to know what the opponent will do, which does not come from a good run. We are better, but we have to improve. The ultimate experience against them is not good and that shows that they can hurt you. If they are inspired, no it’s easy. If they do things well, they do them very well. “Does the winter market weaken the team?“It can give that feeling, but there is a subsidiary behind. Surely they will help us. Apparently we are weaker, but you never know. What is clear is that Ousmane will be an extraordinary signing and is a huge incentive.”Do you like a short template more?“What hurts me is to make calls and leave people out. With fewer people, you have everyone plugged in. Everyone sees possibilities to play. Sometimes having 20 is better than having 25”.What do you think of Trincao?“It’s an operation that I’ve found and until July we’ll see. It’s a club bet and I don’t have much to say. We’ll work with him.”Does pass statistics worry you?“It doesn’t tell me much more than you control the game. If you have the ball 80 minutes the chances that hurt you are less. But the inconsequential possessions I don’t like, but sometimes you have to play backwards. You defend yourself with the ball”. How is Arturo Vidal?“It is not serious. It is a concussion, but I am not in favor of taking risks. We do not have a very large staff. Sometimes the players themselves do not understand that they can do things better than they are used to. It can be corrected and it is what we are going to deal with Vidal and others. We are not going to ask him to do the Griezmann thing. He will give us extraordinary performance. There is also what Ernest said, he can revolutionize. “Do you feel favorite for the Champions League?“If I were the rival, I would not rule out. Barcelona is always Barcelona. You can always have a bad time. Only one will win and the others will not fail. We have the same possibilities as the rest.”What does Eder Sarabia take care of?“He joined me in Las Palmas and his contribution is very positive. I like to surround myself with young and energetic people. He is one more helper and everyone contributes what he deserves. He contributes a lot and has prominence and is smarter than or in many things”.Are you worried about performance away from home?“It is a pending issue that we have to change. We must play the same at home and away. It is important for next week. It is important to win tomorrow for that.”Can Dembélé come in?“It would be premature. We’re not going to accelerate.”Four or three defense tongue?“We have two left-handed centrals that go very well with their nuances. We will use them as convenient. Lenglet was applied a lot as before Umtiti. Competitiveness helps.”last_img

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