first_imgHow the movie has changed with the coronavirus …Yes, it is logical too. We see that there are Champions League games that are being played behind closed doors and it was seen coming a bit that LaLiga would take preventive measures. Because it is clear that if you take it, at least you will be a couple of weeks in quarantine. Not only for us who play soccer, but anyone for health reasons. In Mestalla it was already played behind closed doors, what do you think of this type of measures?I understand that in the end it is for the common good, for the social good. But obviously the sports spectacle because it diminishes it and with what was played Valencia was going to suffer it, it was clear.Derby behind closed doors or suspension …I think he had never played a game behind closed doors. It would be strange. But I think it would affect them more than it affects us. Because in the end it is his field, his audience, who also experience it in a special way for being a derby. A certain percentage that we would earn there I think …If they play, what do you expect from the match?Well, I think we have to go out and do our job. I think they have a great team and I don’t know how the wear of the Champions League will have affected them in a decisive match for them. The first part of the journey is the way to go; But of course, then they play well and even if they don’t have their best game they have players who make the difference, with which you have to play a very complete game.Would you imagine achieving the first victory in Mestalla without an audience?It was going to be remembered because there will not be an audience, because it would not be bad if this were the first to be won there. We are aware of this and hopefully the truth would be very nice.His passage through the derbies in Valencia are not understood without that goal annulled by the push of Paulista. It could have been the first joy in Mestalla (it was 1-2 in the final stretch of the match in 2017-18).That’s it … He was wrong at the time and what are you going to do. We all wanted to bump our heads against the wall because the situation of the team was complicated. Also, it was 1-2, I think it would be the seventy minute, or that way, you were already ahead. But hey, at that moment you get very angry about everything that involved, also in a derby. But, well, that’s it. Hopefully we can put 1-2 in the seventies this time.With VAR the story would have changed …Man, if they don’t cancel that with VAR, imagine … And in full Fallas …I couldn’t come another time. Nor can they prohibit people from going out on the street, that is impossible. But I think we all have to put a little common sense, and not stay locked up at home, but we do avoid certain things …center_img Being one of the heavyweights in the group, how do you assess the situation of the team?Look, the other day, I don’t know if it was Guardiola, he said that in Champions it is very difficult to be superior to your rival for a long time and that you have to take advantage of it. The same thing happens to us, we are not much superior to many First Division teams. The other day you have to make it 2-0, you don’t and obviously the other team is going to have its moment. It is true that it can be said that we are not very regular. But what is to be regular, to win all the matches? It is true that the other day you have to make it 2-0 and the game would have been much more controlled; you don’t and in any move they can tie you. But I see the team well, especially I think that we have grown from the beginning of the season to here and it is more reliable in terms of game. The disposition of the team in the matches is very recognizable and I think the team competes against anyone and in almost any match. Maybe some of the things haven’t turned out, but I think the dynamics are good.Miramón would arrive touched to the meeting, do you see yourself with options to be a starter?Well, I do not know. I train every week thinking that I am going to play, in order to help the team. I do not think further, because in the end you are training every day to that end. You have to play or you do not. You have to work and then since the decision is up to the coach.How do you personally face your role this season?Well, it’s true that I’m not playing much. But I still feel important in the team, I think respected and considered by all my teammates, because I think we have a great group. Now it is true that I am in a situation where I do not play much, but I think I have to continue to contribute things every day in training and face games in a slightly different way. But I always try to help, contribute my experiences if they can be useful to a partner and when I have to play try to do well.How does the player coexist with criticism when he is not at his best?You first have to be aware of the world you are in. You are exposed to public opinion and many times your work is determined based on whether you win a game or lose. Not even for your personal or team performances. From there, criticism does not have to harm you mentally and always try to maintain a line and a spirit towards work and what you should do. Neither for good nor for bad.Without being his best season in sports, on a personal level he is in a sweet moment …Obviously, on a personal level it is one of the happiest moments. Enjoying this process a lot (he will soon be a father). And it is true that I am not playing and I do not know if with age you learn to relativize everything a little. You cannot base your life and happiness in quotes, because you don’t play. I spend it every day here training you to shit. I enjoy day to day a lot, traveling with my colleagues, in my life I am of course enjoying it a lot and if I played it would be milk … But you have to relativize everything and you cannot lose that you are in a good time or you are happy or joyful because you play or don’t play.With the number of laps he has taken in his career and he is going to have a Valencian son …Yes, the truth is (laughs). And, look, my girlfriend is from Cádiz, I wouldn’t mind if she was from Cádiz, and I was from Madrid. Well look, the truth that we are here at ease, with which in a place where you are at ease because everything that happens to you, and on top of that, it will be good.last_img

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